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Prophet Ogundipe a.k.a Genesis eulogizes his accuser,  Olaide Williams …how mama rainbow prophesied his release

by Church Times

Prophet Oladele Israel Ogundipe, Presiding shepherd of the Celestial Church of Christ, Genesis GLOBAL, also known as Genesis has called for prayers for Mrs. Olaide WIlliams Oni, the plaintiff in the case that led to his imprisonment rather than curses.

Ogundipe who just came out of prison had been sentenced to two years imprisonment on November 18 by Lagos State High Court, Ikeja having been found guilty of allegations of fraud.

He was found guilty of two of the seven charges brought against him by Mrs. Williams-Oni. a London based Architect

She had accused Prophet Ogundipe of collecting N17 million from her with the promise to buy some landed property. The deal was said to have gone awry. The prophet could not pay back the money until it became litigation.

The sentences on Prophet Ogundipe after he was found guilty were to run concurrently.

But he was released barely five months after his incarceration and showed up in Church on Sunday, April 11 in a grand style.

Several video clips of his return on the internet indicated a joyful mood of members who turned out en-masse to welcome him.

At the service, Ogundipe thanked the judge who sent him to jail and his persecutors while also noting that he went to prison to fulfill God’s purpose. He said the inmates in the prison were glad to receive him and saw his coming as a blessing.

He, however, took the congregation by surprise when he pleaded with them not to curse Mrs. Olaide Williams the plaintiff in the case which sent him to jail saying she had been good to him in time past.

He said, “I want to say thank you to the high court judge who made me fulfill my purpose in life. I thank God for the prosecutor.  What I went through has been on ground for the past 11 years. I prayed for Laide Williams because the first deposit that was paid on the land for the church Genesis Global, was made possible by her.

“She paid N1 million.  You don’t need to curse her. Let us bless our enemies because they are in our lives to help us, to build us to train us, to strengthen us. I can’t curse her. I am not going to change my mind praying for her. I thank God I did not compromise my faith. She gave me cloth when I was naked.”

He wondered why some people would think he could not have paid the money she was alleged to have taken from Mrs. Williams saying there are members in the church who could have paid the money.

At the service, veteran actress, Mrs. Idowu Philips aka Mama Rainbow who will turn 80  in October 2022 was present at the service to show solidarity.

She was recognised by Prophet Ogundipe who disclosed that she came to visit him in prison twice and prophesied that she would not have to come to visit him the third time before he would be released.

Ogundipe said he was so engrossed working for God in the prison that he was not expecting his release.

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