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Provoking God’s blessings through sacrifice and thanksgiving

by Church Times




A Senior Pastor of the RCCG ministered on the above topic recently and I have GOD’s leading to share part of it here being the beginning of the year.

We can provoke GOD’S involvement in our lives through Thanksgiving and Sacrifice. The personalities ( be it spiritual or physical) we involve in our lives will determine how far we can go in life.

A life of Sacrifice and Thanksgiving is key to serving GOD. Sacrifice is giving out something of value to lesser gods or GOD the Almighty. There is nothing of value in life that doesn’t require sacrifice before they manifest.

There are two levels of Sacrifice:
i. Willing sacrifice to GOD and
ii. The one that GOD will ask for.

A life of meaning can be achieved through giving sacrifices. We can sacrifice our money, talents, time, and privileges to GOD.

Through that sacrifice, we can reap the following benefits :
i. We get more than we asked for 1 Chr. 1:12, John 12:24
ii. We experience multiples in return for whatever we give to GOD. 1 Sam.1: 11 & 12; 1 Sam.2:21. Sacrifice will give greater returns to us. When what we have is not enough for us, we can turn it into a seed and sow it to GOD.
iii. We enjoy things that money doesn’t have solutions to. II Chr. 5:11. Money can’t buy life or wisdom.

Sacrifice can also terminate poverty and lack in our lives.

And all the above benefits are also applicable to any person/ life that is devoted to GOD through Thanksgiving or showing of gratitude to God for whatever He has done ( whether known or unknown to us), what He is doing and for what He will yet do in our lives, families, Community, and the Nation- Nigeria in JESUS Name.

And as we get GOD involved in our personal or corporate lives as Communities or as a Nation through the above-mentioned parameters- Sacrifice and Thanksgiving, GOD will move and be provoked to do whatever seems to be impossible in our lives, families, Communities, and Nation in JESUS Name.

GOD will surely remove from our shoulders whatsoever things that have constituted themselves into burdens to us even if they are unfavourable socio-economic and political trends. He will also remove such yokes from our necks and destroy them because of the anointing in JESUS Name- Isaiah 10:27, KJV.

By ‘Gbemiga OLAKUNLE, JP

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