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What I told a professor who asked me the location of hell-Bishop Wale Oke

by Church Times

The President of Sword of the Spirit Ministry and National President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Bishop Wale Oke has narrated his encounter with a professor of Sociology at the University of Lagos in 1977 who asked him for the geographical location of hell.

Bishop Oke in a video message on his Facebook page monitored by Church Times said the professor had offered him a lift and he took advantage of the lift to share the gospel with him.

He said as soon as he entered the vehicle, he handed over a tract to him which he collected grudgingly

The Professor who according to him is the son of a prominent Baptist Pastor asked him about his course of study, he told him Land and Engineering Survey.

“The professor then asked what is the shape of the earth, I said the shape of the earth is elliptical and I gave him the formula because we had just been taught that same week.

“He now said, when you talk about heaven, you point up and you told me the earth is round, I said yes sir. He said on the other side of the globe your own pointing up is their own down. He said if your heaven is up, on the other side of the globe their own pointing up is in the opposite direction.

“He now asked, if your heaven is up what is the geographical location of hell. I was praying Holy Spirit to help me. And I said, excuse me, sir, God forbid, it will not happen to you. If you die without Christ, you will not only know the geographical location of hell, you will know the exact location of hell. The man got annoyed and parked his car and asked me to get down”

Bishop Oke said the Professor who studied at the University of Alabama had experienced racial discrimination in a church in the US.  He said he had vowed never to have anything to do with Christianity because he went to church with great enthusiasm but they did not allow him to mix with the white. He renounced Christianity after that experience and he became an atheist.

Bishop Oke however said the Prof who died two years ago became a Christian before his death. He said he got to know about his conversion when he went to minister at the Redeemed Christian Church of God and he came to him and recounted his experience.

“He came to me after preaching and asked if I recognised him. I said yes. He now recounted the encounter of 1977 and said the word I spoke that day, that at the end of every life without Christ is hell, troubled him for years. He said the word troubled him every day until he gave his life to Christ. He now told me that he was an Assistant Pastor at the RCCG.”




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