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by Church Times
Black/White Colour
Size: Rate Vat (5%) Size: Rate Vat (5%)
1″x1 Cols N4,150.00 N207.50 Full Page N435,000.00 N21,750.00
1″x2 Cols N8,250.00 N412.50 Half Page N260,625.00 N13,031.25
2″x2 Cols N16,500.00 N825.00 Quarter Page N140,500.00 N7,0250.00
3″x2 Cols N25,050.00 N1,252.00 10″x5 Cols N363,125.00 N18,156.25
4″x2 Cols N33,100.00 N1,655.00 10″x4 Cols N250,000.00 N12,500.00
5″x2 Cols N41,850.00 N2,092.00 10″x6 Cols N421,600.00 N21,080.00
6″x2 Cols N49,750.00 N2,487.00 6″x3 Cols N94,350.00 N4,717.50
6″x3 Cols N73,450.00 N3,672.00 6″x2 Cols N62,900.00 N3,145.00
7″x2 Cols N56,250.00 N2,812.00 1″x1 Cols N4,850.50 N242.50
8″x2 Cols N65,700.00 N3,285.00 1″x2 Cols N9,850.00 N492.50
8″x3 Cols N104,500.00 N5,225.00 2″x2 Cols N19,800.00 N990.00
8″x4 Cols N108,500.00 N5,425.00 3″x2 Cols N30,100.00 N1,505.00
9″x4 Cols N126,875.00 N6,343.75 4″x2 Cols N39,700.00 N1,985.00
9″x5 Cols N181,550.00 N9,077.50 5″x2 Cols N50,050.00 N2,502.50
9″x6 Cols N225,000.00 N11,250.00 6″x2 Cols N62,900.00 N3,145.00
10″x3 Cols N121,250.00 N6,062.50 6″x3 Cols N94,350.00 N4,717.00
10″x4 Cols N150,450.00 N7,522.50 7″ x 2 cols N71,200.00 N3,560.00
10″x5 Cols N222,850.00 N11,142.00 8″x 2 Cols N88,500.00 N4,425.00
10″x6 Cols N265,350.00 N13,267.50 8″x 3 Cols N135,420.00 N6,771.00
Full Page N294,670.00 N14,733.50 8″x 4 Cols N160,650.00 N8,032.50
Half Page N175,100.00 N8,755.00 9″x 4 Cols N175,800.00 N8,790.00
Quarter Page N99,500.00 N4,975.00 9″x 5 Cols N282,700.00 N14,135.00

Special Inserts:
(Magazines) — N40,000 per 1000 copies
Handling charge — N50,000.00
(leaflets, posters) — N25,000 per 1000
CHANGE OF NAME — N3,000.00

SPECIAL POSITION SURCHARGE: Special position advertisements, odd shaped advertisements and unspecified strip/ear advertisements would be surcharged 35% of the actual rate: Zips would be surcharged 7%
CANCELLATION: Cancellation of previously booked adverts must be preceded by a formal written request allowing for four working days
TECHNICAL DATA: Number of columns – six(6); Full Page length -14.5 inches; Full Page width -10.5 inches; Print Process -Web Offset Litho Copy required – Film/cameria ready

For further enquiries,
call Gbenga: 234-803-333-6243, 234-802-345-3568.- or email: info@churchtimesnigeria.net

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