Helping Lonely, Asexual Older Adults in Quandary

  By Michael West   One of the shortest routes to a debilitating health condition, depression and sudden death is loneliness. The condition is exacerbated if the sufferer, in their …


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Religion: Taming the untamed demon troubling the world

  The two significant sects that Jesus had to confront during his lifetime were the Pharisees and Sadducees. They were the celebrated religious folks in his days.  While the Pharisees …


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Adebiyi’s transition: He cried at every sight of injustice-Ven Taiwo Olupitan

  Ven. Taiwo Olupitan, presently the Vicar & Archdeacon of Bishop Ajayi Crowther Memorial Anglican Church Gowon Estate and Gowon Estate Archdeaconry respectively. The Rt. Rev Peter Adebiyi made him …