Broad Martyns “fights” insecurity with “Jaw Jaw” …Says, enough of these killings

  By Isaac Daniel Legendary militant gospel singer, Broda Martyns, of the  “MushinOlosha” fame, has finally taken his nationalistic campaign for National unity and anti-insecurity, to the next level with …


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God told Pastor Tunde Bakare he is number 16…did he hear right from God?

There is no better time for the naysayers to poke fun at sacred things than now. All over the media space, the integrity of the church and the men that …


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The training we provide in Lagos Baptist Seminary is first class-Rector

Professor Emmanuel Oyemomi is the Rector, Baptist College of Theology, Lagos. The college is set to celebrate 25 years of its existence. In this interview with reporters, Oyemoni talked about …