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My experience with a first class witch- Funke Adejumo, says spiritual warfare is real

by Church Times

Popular Nigerian Female preacher and pastor of Agape Christian Ministry based in Akure, Ondo State, Rev. Funke Adejumo has warned against taking spiritual warfare lightly

She also shared her experience many years ago with a grand auntie she described as a first-class witch.

Adejumo who was addressing a church congregation in a video shared online alleged the woman was using some voodoo means to elongate her life while some of her children and grandchildren die mysteriously.

She said each time the woman was about to die, she would come up again after one of her victims usually her child or grandchild had died mysteriously.

Adejumo recounted the painful death of one of her cousins who died with her skull ripped open in an accident.

Talking about the cousin, she said, “We grew up together. The moment mama was presumed dead, one of her children or grandchildren would have died, mama will just resurrect. This last time, we had bought a coffin to put her and her grave cloth. But when my cousin died in the accident, mama came up again. So, we knew something was wrong.”

She said her close experience with the aunty was when she and her fiancé visited the village and she was asked to sleep in the same room with her.

“I had to sleep in mama’s room. I quickly ran to the room and pleaded the blood of Jesus. There were two beds in the room. I went out later.  By the time I came back mama had slept. I knelt and prayed and slept facing mama just in case. Suddenly I slept off and I had a terrible nightmare.

“I saw a man pursuing me in the dream with a knife. I was tired, the man was tired. He said Funke I will not kill you, I have only been told to touch your blood with this knife. I said in the name of Jesus. Then I woke up.

“The dream did not scare me. It was what I saw when I woke up that scared me. I saw mama awake, sitting at the edge of the bed, her palm on her chin, watching me as I was sleeping. That means I was supposed to be the next of her victims. That was July 1984, we got married in September. She died in August. Spiritual warfare is real.”

Referring to the children of Rechab she said, the children as recorded in Jeremiah 35 did not take wine and they lived in tents because their forefathers had already entered into a covenant on their behalf.

“There are covenants that have been entered on our behalf that we have to consciously break. You can’t just say I am born again and that is all. You have to consciously break the covenant. There are families where it is the wives that feed the husbands, there are families where their girls don’t marry in time. You must consciously break the covenant.”

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