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Prophet recounts painful story of how he lost his sight says, “it’s like I am being beaten by an invisible cane”

by Church Times

A prophet, Shittu Adeniyi known as Oluwalogbon has recounted the painful story of how he became blind recalling also how his first wife died after childbirth.

Adeniyi who spoke in an interview with Yoruba BBC service said the journey of his life had been a bitter one stressing however that God has remained faithful.

He recalled that he was in church one day when news came to him that his first wife had put to bed.

He was excited about the news and promptly went to see his wife along with some other pastors in the church.

But not long after they got to the hospital the situation turned around. The wife began to lose blood and all attempts to save her life were futile. She died eventually.

Adeniyi said he was so devastated by the news that he did not know when he broke down and said to God while sitting on the doctor’s table, “Oluwa, ode doju timi” meaning, Lord you brought shame to me.

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He was not blind when the incident happened. He said on his way home it dawned on him that he made a reckless statement by saying God brought shame to him. He began asking for forgiveness. Each time he recalls making that statement he would ask for forgiveness.

But things went from bad to worse when he began to notice that he was beginning to lose his sight after about two months that his first wife died.

Adeniyi: How my sight disappeared

“Months later, I woke up to sense my eyes were getting blurred. I made every effort to get healed. I went to many doctors and experts. But I went blind all the same. Since then, I have been living my life and facing my career.”

He remarried and God has given him children. He has produced so many songs. He is also a fish farmer.

He said in the interview that his new wife should be given credit for the fish pond. “The first attempt at fish farming was a disaster. All the things I read about the business did not tally with what we experienced initially. But things have since picked up. We are doing very well with it now.” He said while moving around the fish pond in the BBC video.

Adeniyi who produced the song, Mumi kurolokunku” meaning take me away from darkness; said the only regret he has about his blindness is his inability to appreciate the beauty of nature and the things around him.

He said his condition of blindness is like being beaten by an invisible cane. “I weep silently when I can’t do what I want to do. I have to call people to help me when I want to make calls. I once hit my head on the wall while walking around the house. I began saying to myself if I see I would not have hit my head on the wall I don’t normally want people to know I weep. That I don’t have the grace to see some of the beautiful things around is painful.”

He however said his situation has made him realise that no hope is lost. “I don’t believe my situation should render me useless. There are many ways to make money without being a liability. Beggars don’t amount to anything,” he said.

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