Oshinaga making global impact-Bishop Okonkwo, says, “I used to see him as Myles Munroe”

by Church Times
General Overseer of The Redeemed  Evangelical Mission, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, has described the president of the Inspirational Global Network International, Rev Segun Oshinage as a man of great wisdom who is making a global impact.
 He also recalled that he used to call him the Myles Munroe of Nigeria.
Okonkwo made the statement during a recent event at the Anthony, Lagos headquarters of TREM.
While urging the congregation to celebrate Dr Oshinaga who was in his church at that time, he said, “This is my friend of small beginnings in the 80s, when we were living in Akoka. In Akoka church, we became friends and that’s when I was living behind the church in Akoka. So you will know what I’m talking about is a long time ago.”
The TREM Overseer said in those days he used to call Dr. Oshinaga Iyan, the Yoruba name for pounded yam because Oshinaga used to tell his wife he was coming to visit their home and would require she prepare Iyan for him
Okonkwo then said, “He is a real tremendous man of God with wisdom. He was teaching wisdom. In those days, I used to see him as the Myles Munroe of our country. The dimension and insight he has on the wisdom books are unusual.”
 The TREM founder expressed great joy that Dr Oshinaga has bounced back while also recalling how he joined politics a few years ago.
“I am so glad that he has bounced back and has done tremendous work in different nations of the world. I’m so glad, you see once in ministry, always in ministry.
“There was a time he diverted into politics to help organize some things and then recently he came back and he said, ‘I’m back.’  I was wondering and asked how can you be alive and not be doing your assignment.
“Okonkwo noted Oshinaga has been going to nations to help them in different places.
He urged his congregation to celebrate him once again noting that Oshinaga noting that he gets video clips of his evangelical moves around the world.

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