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Apostle lists dangers of compulsory vaccination, says it’s “medical tyranny”

by Church Times

Convener of the Apostolic Christianity Network, Apostle Moses Oludele Idowu has said compulsory vaccination of citizens is a medical tyranny, He then urged the federal government not to fall into the temptation of forcing Nigerians to get the covid-19 vaccine.

Idowu made the call at a press conference on Friday, November 26 in Lagos. He said the government has no moral and legal rights to force citizens to get the vaccine.

He was reacting to the October 14 media reports quoting the Secretary to the Federal Government, Boss Mustapha. The report states that Covid -19 vaccine would be compulsory for all civil servants from December 1, 2021

Moses Oludele Idowu is a structural engineer by training and a well-known researcher and author of several books.

He has written several articles on covid-19 in time past. He based his submission on acceptable global standards on vaccination.

The apostle said the government’s decision to make the vaccine compulsory for civil servants is, “wrong-headed, lawless and atrocious. It is a policy that is morally flawed, scientifically baseless, ethically unsound, and logically absurd.”

Idowu however stated that he is not a conspiracy theorist neither opposed to vaccines in general nor medical science.

According to him, the damages and deaths caused by the virus as well as the collateral damages as a result of side effects owing to vaccination and medical practices are enough for government to think through its policy.


Idowu noted there are lots of issues with the vaccines which must be addressed.

One of such issues according to him is the inability of the vaccines to prevent a virus or stop its transmission.

He said, “Medical history tells us that it takes about 10 – 15 years of research and clinical studies to develop a standard vaccine before it is released to the public. The present covid -19 vaccine was developed within 9 – months. Thus a 15- year study and process has been streamlined and circumscribed into 9- months.”

Idowu also noted that several side – effects have been traced to covid-19 vaccines globally.

Quoting medical journals and media reports, he said the effects range from “blood clots, neurological damage, pain, rashes, abdominal pain, menstrual changes among women and deaths. These are the short-term effects, the long-term effects have not been investigated and are unknown since these vaccines have never been used.

Making vaccines compulsory, worrisome

The most worrisome of the issues according to Idowu is the attempt to make people take the vaccine by all means. “People have been “persuaded, bullied, cajoled, pressured, incentivized, lied to, guilt tipped, coerced, socially shamed, censored, threatened, paid, punished, criminalized”- all because of vaccines. Why must any government go this length for the sake of what is supposed to be for citizens’ welfare? Isn’t this suspicious?

He asked, “If it is so safe and sound why coerce and threaten people for its sake?”

He also wondered why Nigerians should be forced to take a product in which the manufacturer is excused from all liabilities and damages.

The western nations according to him encourage abortion on demand, “yet the same nations pretending to love human lives by promoting vaccines and threatening fire and brimstone to those who decline. It is a contradiction.”He said.

He chided the government for not taking proactive steps to curtail the killings as a result of banditry, kidnapping, and terrorism but is interested in a fathom vaccine.


Rev Frank Okechuwkuw and Apostle Moses Oludele Idowu, addressing journalists on Friday, November 26 at the conference hall of Media Career Service., Lagos.

The vaccine not working

Quoting media reports, Idowu said, “Austria is on lockdown presently to force the unvaccinated to get the jab. If the vaccine is a protection against the virus why do people who already got the vaccine be protected from the unvaccinated?

“The State of Israel is fast closing in on a 100% vaccination rate yet it also has some of the highest rate of new infections. India, South Africa, Brazil, and the United Kingdom participated actively in the clinical trials toward the development of vaccines in 2019. Alas, it is in those countries that new and more virulent variants of the virus are now emerging.

“Germany is in the midst of the highest spread of covid-19 since December of last year. Yet Germany is the most challenging country in Europe for mitigation and mandates – the only country that has launched an offensive against those who are not vaccinated.”

Data from the University of Maryland

Citing data from the University of Maryland  Oludele said, “80% of Germans adhere to the masking requirements at all time, higher than even USA (60%). Germany also has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world (67%).

“In spite of all these however Germany’s new case rate has skyrocketed to levels never seen since the outbreak of pandemic; from 4,767,033/ day to 4,782,5468

Ironically nations with lower compliance rates seem to fare better with the surge.

Idowu states, “Sweden has an average mask compliance rate of 5% and better a vaccination rate of 68% yet the nation is still in 11% of its peak and has not witnessed a lockdown.

He said the Czech Republic has a vaccination rate of 57% and a mask compliance rate of 40%, yet is on 59% below peak.

No end to vaccination

He notes further, “There seems to be no ending to vaccines. First, it began with two doses to satisfy the requirements for full vaccination. Now in the light of new variants and increasing mutation people in other nations are being asked to take the third dose and, in some cases, booster shots after the third dose.

“It is now even been mooted in some circles that there are plans for citizens to have as much as seven doses to be able to cope as new variants emerge. ”

The uncertainty about the efficacy of the vaccine according to Oludele should have opened up the medical world to other alternatives.  He wondered why other methods and pharmaceutical models are being suppressed and only the vaccine being promoted.

He reasoned that a mandatory vaccine will make no sense with the experience of other nations.

Vaccines based on mRNA technology

“Covid-19 is not a terminal disease. To be honest to the fact it has a 99.0% recovery rate according to certain medical authorities. So it could not have been as lethal and without alternative cures other than vaccines.”

He said the vaccine that is being forced on people is based on mRNA technology. “As such, it isn’t technically a vaccine. It is experimental gene therapy with serious long-term implications. Should a government compel its staff to take this without their informed consent? “

He said “many medical experts have refused the vaccines and warned people to stay away from them. Some others have retired prematurely and several others have been forced to leave because of their opposition to vaccines, especially these covid – 19 vaccines.

“Covid-19 vaccine is not a sterilizing vaccine that stops diseases like polio or hepatitis using live virus. This is for the individual alone. That means it makes zero sense to vaccinate the young and healthy. This is the opinion of experts like Martin Kulldorf, biostatistician, epidemiologist, and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, and Jay Bhattacharya, professor of medicine at Stanford University and research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. “

Vaccination and Citizens right

Idowu argued that in a democracy citizens have the right to refuse care and medical treatment quoting the law and ethical principles of medicine.

He said “this right has been affirmed by the court of competent jurisdiction up to the Supreme Court. In the case of Tega Esabunor & Anor vs. Dr. Tunde Faweya &4ORS (2019)., the highest court held that “all adult persons have the inalienable right to make any choice they may decide to make and assume the consequences.

“Accordingly, an adult person who is conscious and in full control of his mental capacity and is of sound mind has the right to either ACCEPT OR REFUSE medical treatment or blood transfusion…”

He reasoned, “If the law allows a person to refuse medical aids like treatment and blood transfusion why not a vaccine too – a vaccine of dubious origin and multiple side effects”

Nigerian Patient’s Bill of Rights

He urged the government to allow people to decide whether to have the vaccine or not adding that “the Nigerian Patient’s Bill of Rights launched by the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo on July 31, 2018, provides for twelve basic rights for Nigerian Patients which include: “the right to decline care and the right to decline or participate or accept to participate in medical research”

Idowu further that “The Nuremberg Code of 1947 prohibits any person or government from forcing medical treatment on an individual without the person’s informed consent.

He argued that the government can’t stop people from their work on the basis of compulsory vaccination without “violating established laws and conventions. To deprive a man or woman of his livelihood or place him under threats for asserting his fundamental rights and bodily autonomy is not the way of medical science. It is medical tyranny. That is going the way of the Nazis, of naked outright fascistic state terrorism. But we know how and where the Nazis ended. ”


He cited the freedom of Conscience and the right to practice Religion and personal Faith in accordance with the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as another reason to object to compulsory vaccination.

He noted that the modern church has failed in this regard stating however that Divine Healing based on the Atonement of Jesus Christ is one of the core teachings of the Apostles and of the Primitive Church of the First Century.

“Divine Healing has a long history dating to the time of Prophet Moses (1592 – 1472 BCE) in the Wilderness and through different prophets of Biblical times.

“It is instructive to note for instance that the symbol of Western medicine today, the serpent hung on a cross, was first used by Moses to heal in the Wilderness. (see Numbers 21)

“Divine Healing was practiced by the Lord Jesus Christ Who in the days of His flesh “went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed of the devil”; and also by His Apostles and Disciples.

This form of healing according to him was emphasized by the early apostles including early church leaders in Nigeria.

Apostolic Churches

He noted that there are apostolic churches where members believe in divine healing.  The Constitution of Nigeria according to him also allows for a citizen to practice their beliefs.

Apostles states, “I do not see how this affects or endanger anyone or the state. Compelling every staff of Federal Government to take a vaccine is a violation and gross violation of one of the core beliefs of Apostolic Christianity and of the fundamental Christian beliefs and traditions that are far older than Nigeria as a nation.”

Buhari and Jumat Service

He recalled that President Mohammadu Buhari during his inauguration on May 29, 2015,  had to excuse himself from the events in the presence of the diplomatic corps to observe the Friday Jumat Service, one of the core and important beliefs of Islam his religion.

Referring to President Buhari, Oludele said, “I wrote later to even praise you and commend your devotion to your faith. Now, if you can be so committed to your faith, I ask you, “Should I also not be committed to the Faith and the Tradition of my fathers and forbears?”

“Should I rescind or jettison my religious belief, a belief for which my Fathers lived and died because of an arbitrary policy that is contrary to law and a denial of sound Logic and pure Science? It will be unjust and callous for a government to treat its citizens that way and without any qualms for no just reason other than living to what they believe.”

He warned that government should not allow itself to work against the beliefs of the people; saying, “if this government goes ahead with this Hamanic policy, multiple legal consequences will follow, that will set off a chain of reaction; the end of which no one can predict.”


The World Health Organisation

The structural engineer turned writer also pointed out that “The WHO recognizes alternative medicine as a form of curative medicine. There is also a provision for medical exemption in place of the vaccine. Medical experts in Harvard and Stamford have also questioned the idea of giving covid vaccines to the young and the healthy. Are we to suggest that a professor of medicine and a Harvard scholar to boot, is also a conspiracy theorist?”

He stressed, “It is wrong to compel all civil servants to take this vaccine in the light of all these under the bogus name of “national interest.” Only eternity would reveal all the evils and unutterable vileness that have been perpetrated in the name of “national interest” or “national security.”


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