EndSARS protesters are different from looters-Ogunlewe, Stan-Labo calls for foreign investigation into Lekki shooting


Former Minister for Works,  Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe has said the massive destruction in Lagos last week was well organised and premeditated stating however that those who destroyed and looted shops were not #endSARS protesters

Ogunlewe made this remark in an interview on Channels Television on October 25.

While stating that he was born and bred in Lagos, he said had never seen such a level of destruction in the state.

He said he was shocked to the bones to see the way public facilities and businesses were destroyed stating emphatically that the peaceful endSARS protesters could not have been involved in the looting and destruction of properties.

Apart from the attack being premeditated by some vested interest, he also attributed the massive destruction to a high level of neglect by the government and the pervasive hunger and anger in the land.

Also speaking in the interview, Col Hassan Stan Labo said the politicians might have released their thugs to cause mayhem for political gain.


He said the opposition party might have used the opportunity to use their thugs to frustrate the ruling party so that they can have an upper hand in 2023.

On the other hand, he said the ruling class might also have sent their thugs out to frustrate the EndSARS for fear that the EndSARS protesters might discredit their government.

He, however, said they perhaps never expected that the whole thing would turn out this way. He said also there is hunger everywhere stating that the discovery of warehouses where covid-19 palliatives were found may have also infuriated a lot of people.

On the Lekki shooting, Col. Stan-Labo said he would suggest that there is an international investigation of the shooting; saying the outcome of any local investigation may not be trusted by citizens.

On the way forward, Ogunlewe said the president should present a bill for the restructuring of the country while Stan-Labo asked that the requests of the endSARS protesters be granted while also asking the government to find a way of taking out the thugs from off the streets.

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