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“Speaking to your offering, sending it on errand is paganism”

by Church Times

A teacher of the word and CEO of Pragmatos Empires, Afolabi Dollars has described the art of speaking to offering and sending it on an errand, common in many churches as a pagan practice

He then urged church leaders to desist from giving such instructions to worshippers.

Dollars made the observation in a YouTube video while preaching against the transactional gospel in the church.

He noted that many Christians have been hoodwinked by the health and wealth gospel and have imbibed many practices as well as use many phrases that have no basis in the Bible.

His words, “They tell you to lift your offering to God and then you lift it to the ceiling. They tell you to speak to your offering, send your money on an errand. Where did we get all these words from? These are mammonic spirits being conjured to your mind. These are pagan practices.

“There is no place in the entire scripture where it is taught that we should speak to our offering. These are importations from the wealth and health gospel. These are materialistic appetite being created in the mind of Christians”

Dollars who has been so critical of prosperity gospel said many Christians have been taught to see giving as a way of getting something from God. “This is not true and can’t be true. We don’t give to get from God. We give because we love him and because we want to honour him.

“What we do by speaking to our offering reminds me of when people consult with the Ifa priest and the priest ask you to speak to the money you brought. That same practice has been imported to the church. We are to speak to God when we give our offering and not speak to our offering.

“We don’t consult God, we worship him, we have a relationship with him. He is a father, not a trader. Unfortunately, people speak their greed into the money they bring as an offering. We also ask people to bring money to the altar as if the pulpit is the altar.

“There is no physical altar again. Christ has become the altar. The pulpit is not the altar. You are to speak to God and not the money. And you don’t send money on errands. How do we send money on errands? I don’t understand?

“They ask people to bring money to the altar. Stop the materialistic mentality. Everything is get, get, we give to get wife, get a visa. Who taught us all these? You don’t have to give to get anything from God. Adam did not give God anything before he got Eve?

“We need to repent and change this mindset and turn to the kingdom pattern of giving. You hear empty your purse, sow your Isaac, sow a dangerous seed, your offering will put an end to your suffering. These are charismatic lies and concocted phrases to brainwash people.

“If you don’t pay your tithe things will be tight for you are words put together to deceive you. In the New Testament, we are not to be cajoled into giving so that we now become stressed. Everybody gives willingly in the New Covenant. We give to honour God, not to earn him. God wants us to be in a relationship with him not to have a transaction with him.” He said.



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