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The NYSC call and the dilemma of heeding to instruction by Olamide Dawodu

by Church Times

Boluwatife entered the house very troubled. She had been posted to the North for her NYSC. She was sad as she kept on pondering on what to do.

“I must work towards redeployment,” She said inwardlyNYSC

Her phone rang, the caller was her friend Susan.

“Hey babe” Susan greeted

“Susie love, what’s up. Where are you posted” Boluwatife asked

“I’ve been posted to Lagos. How about you dear? Susan said

“Babe, I’ve been posted to Sokoto” Tife responded

“Are you kidding me? Did you just say Sokoto? Why can’t you inform your Aunt to do the processing for you before now? Susan questioned her

“I am just trying to see the way things would turn out” Boluwatife replied

“Tife! Stop being childish. Have you not heard the terrible news about Sokoto? Susan asked

“Sure, I’ve heard” Tife responded

“Tife! Look, don’t even think of serving in Sokoto. Moreover, it’s not that bad yet. Thank God you have a connection, so redeploying is very easy for you… Tife, I would advise you call your Aunty in Lagos to help you work things out, for you to serve in Lagos” Susan said

“Yes Susie, I’ve actually been thinking about calling her though”

“Tife! Call her immediately and stop thinking. The news about Sokoto is terrible. Last two weeks, there was a bomb blast. Last week, thirty people were killed by gunmen. Just three days ago, five people were kidnapped, and you are there still thinking. Babe, abeg wise up and act fast” Susan said

“Okay dear! I will” Tife replied

Boluwatife hung up and took her small phone. She decided to call her Aunty and explain things to her. She was about dialing her Aunty’s number, but she heard an audible voice.

“That is how I want it, that is where I want you to be”

Boluwatife was shocked hearing the voice. She knew she was the only one inside. She looked around to be sure if somebody was inside but found none.

“Definitely, this is God talking,” She said and cried out loud
“God why? Why North?

One of the essential instruments for the journey of life is instruction.

In the journey of destiny, instructions are needed to go through the right path. If an instruction does not come, you won’t know what to do, where to go, who to meet.

For every phase of your life, you need instruction to keep going and to stand strong.

Instructions sometimes can be difficult to carry out, that is why you have to trust God on every of His word.


2020 was an eye-opener for me. I learnt how to say “Yes” to instructions, even though it was tough. And I’m glad I did.

Be ready to obey, whenever God places instruction in your heart. Just say “Yes”.
Just an error of not paying attention to instruction from God can land you into trouble.

God knew the kind of parents He wanted for His Son (JESUS), He looked for those that would obey, and He found Mary and Joseph. When the Angel delivered the news to Mary, all she had to do was say “Yes” to the instruction.
Joseph could not break the engagement because instruction was given.

Can God rely on you?

Did you remember Jonah? The word of the Lord came to Jonah to go preach at the great city of Nineveh, but Jonah headed for Tarshish instead.
What happened to him? He landed into trouble.

Did you remember the wedding at Canaan? Jesus instructed them to fill the jar with water and they obeyed.

Disobedience can cause a great problem on a generation and generations to come. Do you remember Adam?
Some seeds are sown in obedience.

May God grant us the grace to obey instructions.

©Lily Lammie

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