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Nwogu Gives Hope To Women in The Unbroken Woman

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Nwogu Gives Hope To Women in The Unbroken Woman


The book on display

By Yinka Padonu

Have you suffered any form of sexual abuse, domestic violence, gender discrimination among others? Are you a woman and it seems the world is crashing in on you? Have you at any time contemplated giving up on life and calling it quits?

Well, one of the books that you can lean on is Unbroken Woman.

The book is not only a treatise on the challenges facing women, it is has the practical life story of the author, Pastor Mrs. Chijioke Nwogu; who is also President, Spirit Sisters Fellowship, Lagos.

Nwogu in her 51-page book, opines that the average woman is graced and loaded with lots of potential which are of great benefit to humanity.

The book talks about the great ability that God has built in women but notes that many factors including the devil stop women from attaining their potential..

Unbroken Woman relates to women in every phase of life. It speaks to the girl-child, the single lady and the married woman. It portrays some odds that can come against a woman, such as abusive marriage, gender discrimination, rape, neglect, widowhood etc.

The five chapter and simple to read book offers hope and encouragement, that no matter what life throws at any woman, God wants  her to remain unbroken so that she can fulfill her purpose in life.

The book which  Nwogu said was divinely inspired also featured her story of triumph.

The beauty of Nwogu’s book lies in its brevity while at the same time being able to communicate some timeless truth. The ability of the author to put so much in a small book tells about her dexterity.

Indeed the book is a must read by everyone and especially the women folk. It offers hope, healing, and restoration for every woman going through any kind of challenge. it is the therapy that the woman who is going through any form of hurt needs to leverage with life. While there are so many books on women which give recipe on how women can cope with life, Nwogu’s book can not be left out of the many collections.

The Unbroken Woman according to her is available for everyone reaching her 08090750813, 08173920670 or visit www.spiritfilledsisters.org.ng

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