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joshua iginla and wife Yemisi

Joshua Iginla: 20 things to note about his historic confession of adultery

by Church Times



Adultery: Since the General Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla announced the end of his marriage on Sunday March 3 2019 the social media has been flooded with  series of reactions, comments and condemnation  of the clergy.

Here are 20 things to note in the historic confession


1.       He has been having high blood pressure and sleepless night because of the marital trauma

2.       He would not like to die young

3.       He wants to be useful to his church members

4.       He wants to fulfil destiny

5.       He and his wife Yemisi had a wonderful marriage

6.       His wife was AA while he was AS at the beginning of the marriage

7.       They had a daughter that was SS

8.       He, Iginla did not mind. He embraced his daughter and they lived happily thereafter

9.       They later discovered they were AS and AS

10. He did not mind, the relationship continued

11. His wife had an affair and had a child out of wedlock

12. There was tension in the family. Family members came to plead.

13. He branded the child an unholy child

14. Iginla too went ahead and had a child out of wedlock

15. His wife could not contain her husband’s infidelity

16. Iginla’s wife began to blackmail him and say all kinds of things about him

17. Younger ministers began to ridicule him. He would not like to die young. He would want to be useful to the congregation and at least he would like to fulfil destiny.

18. He begged his wife for seven years pleading with her not to expose him unnecessarily to the world. Threatened he would spill the beans if his wife continues to blackmail him.

19. Wife remains adamant. Husband goes ahead, exposes all that have been kept secret and purportedly ends the marriage.

20. Covets the prayers of his members. Asked not to be judged. But says he is prepared for all the insults that could arise from this public confession.

What in your view should be the right Christian approach to this historic confession. Kindly write your views in the comment box. God bless

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