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Bishop Okonkwo @ Abel Damina’s church, chides Nigerian preachers

by Church Times

General Overseer of Redeemed Evangelical Ministry TREM, Bishop Mike Okonkwo has taken a swipe at Nigerian preachers describing what many preach as transactional gospel.

He made the observation while preaching recently at Dr Abel’s Damina’s Church, Power City in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Okonkwo who will clock 79 this year said Nigeria is what it is today because preachers are not preaching messages that could transform lives.

God’s grace

While emphasising God’s grace in the believer’s life, he said, “Enough of transactional gospel. If God is so transactional we will manipulate him. Everything God did for us we have no hand in it. We are all beneficiaries of the grace of God. Don’t frustrate grace. Don’t despise grace. It is of his mercy we are not consumed.”

He said people are afraid of death and judgment because of the way they received the gospel. “When you receive him as one who wants to kill you there is no way you will appreciate his love.”

Many preachers according to him don’t preach the love of God adding however that, “what we should know is that we belong to his kingdom. Christ has been made a curse for us, that the blessing of God might come upon us.”

Believer not cursed

He kicked against insinuations that believers could carry curse. “Where is the curse from? If any man is in Christ, he is a brand-new specie of being that has never existed. Enough of being afraid of God. God is not sitting on the throne of judgment. He is sitting on the throne of grace. Grace is available.

“I am eternally saved and eternally redeemed. All my sins are forgiven, past present, and future. I know it. Why? because I have eternal life. I am not waiting until I get to heaven to know if I am there or not. Right now, I am in heaven.”  He declared.

He said further, “I have been around. I know where I am coming from. When I am telling you something believe it.  Most of the things we practice in Nigeria are religion.

“The greatest harvest field is the church in Nigeria. If everybody who goes to church understands their identity in Christ this nation will change. Despite all the churches we are still like this, it does not make sense to me. That shows there is something wrong with the message. People can’t be transformed if they hear the wrong message.”

Danger of error

He reasoned that if error becomes institutionised those preaching the truth will be called rebels. “This kingdom life is liveable here on earth. I am tired of religion, people are frustrated their faces looking like people who drank lemon juice.  And you are talking about the good news. The greatest blessing is that Jesus died he was buried and he rose again and has given us eternal life. That is the blessing. “

Jesus in his words, “did not die to give believers material things. “There are many who don’t believe in God who have different cars. You can’t go to them and say you want to pray so they can have car. They will show you, their cars. But if you introduce Jesus to them, you would have given them what money can’t buy. Money can’t buy the blessing of God.”

The greatest thing

He said further, “The only thing that can satisfy is to receive Christ. Jesus is one side that fits everything. You have it all other things will gravitate to you. There is something about eternal life. Every human being needs it.

“The greatest thing that can happen to a man is to be born again and after that a mind renewal. Once your mind is changed you are on top. If it is renewed you will exercise dominion. Salvation is not man-made. God is the only one who packaged it and he is the one that can perfect it.”

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Matthew Simpa April 19, 2024 - 7:43 pm

I respect Bishop Okonkwo. He’s one of the few Preachers who have not scandal and are not controversial. He’s right: the church is one vast field of evangelism.


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