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Jesus. the Rich Young Ruler and our eternal destiny

by Church Times

By Samuel Odeyemi

 I’m quite aware that the concept of Absolute Surrender to follow the Master’s descriptive and definite Call to leave all and follow Him is relative. Yet, such a message is fast disappearing in our generation. To some, it is metaphoric than taking it as practical as it is. But, in case you’re such one presently struggling with obeying Him in the light of Jesus’ instruction to the rich young ruler, this exhortation and subsequent ones may be useful to you. May we never forfeit all that the LORD has for us, both here and hereafter because of the present and transient enjoyment in Jesus’ Name! Amen.)_

Why It Was Difficult To Leave All, Follow Him, and Enter Eternal Life, for the Young Rich Ruler

Texts for Reading: Matt. 19:16-23, Mark 10:17-22, Luke 18:18-23
My thought revolves around what could be the major reasons for this young rich ruler (who desired to gain Eternal Life), to walk away from Christ and His demands in a sorrowful way after the costs were placed before him:
The reasons can be deduced from the Master’s imperative statements.

 1. Go sell what you have

This means that he (the young rich ruler) would no longer possess what he presently had or remain among the rich men of his city. Oh! “Me, to become a poor man?” was his natural but myopic thought. Of course, it is not easy to lose all your hard-earned wealth to a cause about which you know little or nothing. So, it was difficult for him!

 2. Give to the poor

The man, though rich may not have been so stingy or miserly with his riches. Yet, I don’t think that he had such serious concerns for the poor or needy to make him take such decision- to give out all and not a percentage. Therefore, it wasn’t easy, economical, or reasonable to do such!

 3. Take up your cross

To him, he was never a criminal. Why would he be carrying a cross (Romans’ instrument for executing criminals) everywhere, to follow Jesus- a man who had said several things about His own fate? He was not ready to be associated with anything reproachful, neither was he ready for anything associated with a death sentence. It was senseless to do such!

 4. And follow me

Follow who? A rich man is a big man and a leader or ruler of his own repute and in his kingdom. So, why would he be following one ‘homeless’ young man (i.e. Christ) around? Here was a man who lived in a big mansion with many servants at his command.
Following another man, to him was not reasonable enough. He preferred to be a boss!
Truly. the thoughts of this man and all he had must have rested solely on his personality, position, and riches. My Master knew where his soul was caged- in his personality and riches. The young rich ruler forgot that the life of a man does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses, he missed the golden chance and rarest opportunity of following Christ and gaining Eternal Life.
My thought is, what is that thing in me that can hinder me from following or obeying my Master? How important do I see myself that following the Lord Jesus Christ or His human representative (i.e. a human discipler) will look as if the LORD wants to make my life miserable?


My dear heavenly Father, through Your Holy Spirit, reveal to me those things hindering me from obeying you completely._ Moreover, help me, dear Lord, to deal with such hindrances in me and open my eyes to see beyond the earthly riches, right now in Jesus’ Name. Amen.@ School of Jesus-Way Discipleship

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