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International Divinity College (CINDICO): Molding future leaders

by Church Times



By Wilson Adekumola

About 80 students received Certificates and Diplomas as Christ International Divinity College (CINDICO), Lagos Study Centre, held its 22nd graduation ceremony on Saturday February 2.

The seminary, an affiliate of Acada University, Canada, was founded by Prophet Dr, S.K Abiara in 1986 with its international headquarters in Erinmo-Ijesha. But the Lagos Campus formerly CIEM was absolved into CINDICO in 2001. The building of their ultra-modern 3-storey structure which serves as their permanent site at Ipaja started around 2017.

CINDICO which has over the years been molding church leaders with theological knowledge has about 10 branches. The programmes offered in the school include Certificate in Theology, Diploma and Degree in Theology.

The convocation, which was held at The Christ Apostolic Church , Agbala Itura, Oke-Odo, Agege, Lagos  attracted a mammoth crowd as church members, families and friends trooped in to felicitate with the graduating students.

In his welcome address, the Lagos Coordinator of the School, Pastor Isaac Olufemi Adefolaju observed that the college has made remarkable success in maintaining and sustaining the vision of the founder in continuous training of all categories of church workers.

He then charged the enthusiastic graduates to uphold this vision by employing strategic measure in training all church workers and be a veritable tool in evangelism.

“This is another historic moment of accountability, reward and celebration of our CINDICO, Lagos Campus. God has enabled us to moved ahead and record some notable achievements. We are happy that the importance and relevance of CINDICO to the realization of the vision of the founder is being realised. I have always maintained that for a God-ordained vision to be sustained and not remain inconsequential in terms of impact on the real world, it has to be translated to achievement by good strategy.

“If the vision of Prophet Kayode Abiara of producing usable men for God’s service is not to shrink into extinction, we must continue to service that vision with a good set of strategies. One of such strategies is the continuous training of all categories of Church workers including Pastors, Evangelists, Elders, and Deacons through seminars, symposia, workshops. And CINDICO both at Erinmo and Lagos is well positioned to handle this important aspect of minister’s life.”

While noting that the school has positively contributed to the growth of Christianity, he said, “The last year saw a marked improvement in the behavior of our students both inside and outside the school. We had excellent reports from churches where our students had practical ministerial training. Attendance at vigils and Spiritual Attestation meetings increase tremendously. Some progress was made during the year on the building of our ultra-modern three-storey building at our permanent site at Ipaja. In fact, four of our programmes were held there. But we still have a long way to go.”

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Pastor Femi Daniel receiving his certificate from the School Provost, Pastor Babalola

The Provost of the School, Pastor Dr. M.K Babalola implored the graduating students to adhere to strict morals in carrying out their spiritual assignments. He advised them to live an exemplary life instead of joining multitude to perpetrate evil

“Remember that as graduates from this college, you have now enrolled into another school of practical experience. Your success in the school depends on your self-discipline, endurance, holiness, contentment, diligence, loyalty, humility, spirituality, godliness perseverance and other Christian victories. Please do not join multitude to do evil.”

Babalola also appealed to the participants to generously help financially in order to complete the huge project at their permanent site. “Efforts are ongoing for the building of Lagos permanent site. We therefore implore every one present on this occasion to please assist by donating generously to make this gigantic project a huge success.

In his own speech, the president of the graduating students, Pastor Abolarinwa Olufemi Daniel noted that “there is a great improvement on this year convocation as their regime has made significant impact on the college. He observed that they were the first set to have written exam in their permanent site and prayed for by the Chancellor of the seminary.

“During our regime our prayer life was superb giving room for many personal testimonies. The sick received healing, we were having journey mercies, and broken homes were restored. Also the school’s permanent site at Ipaja was raised to a certain level and we have presented 20 tables of stainless stand and HDF tops and 100 set of chairs to be used when lectures will commence fully. We are also the first set to write our examination and to be visited and prayed for by our notable spiritual Father Chancellor, Prophet Dr. Samuel Kayode Abiara in the said site.”

“And also to the glory of God, we are the first set of CINDICANS that were able to produce a movie project for the school in 2018. Tittle: The Missing Road. This film will go a long way to promote the school and create standard for individuals that have been called into the ministry. We have been able to develop an international website for the school”



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