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Joint Heirs: X-raying the teenage life through the movie lens

by Church Times

Movie title: Joint Heirs

Running time: One hour, Thirty-six minutes.

Produced by: CJEM FILMS

Written and Directed by: King David O. Onasanya


The narrative of “Joint Heirs” revolves around two teenagers who lost their parents and were taken up by a family friend. Life wasn’t a bed of roses for them as it was filled with thorns and storms while navigating life hurdles. Along the line, they found out that they have an elder brother who has their best interest at heart.

‘The movie weaves a mixture of emotions, seamlessly blending moments of laughter, sadness, and emotion.

Each scene is meticulously crafted to mirror teenagers’ challenges as they grow up.

Creatively broadening its narrative, ‘JOINT HEIRS’ seamlessly integrates faith and introduces who God is to us as believers and children of God.

The movie skillfully tackles sensitive themes like hard drugs, menstruation, and peer pressure among teenagers.

It emphasizes that faith and trust in GOD is a must-have in life’s journey.

The movie resonates with teenagers. There are also plenty of lessons adults could pick from it

But then, the producers succeed in leaving a lasting emotional impact and delivering a powerful message of faith through the movie.

It has to a great extent also helped to create a quest for the audience and leave them with no choice but to answer the question of self-identity

The movie was initially premiered as a means of outreach in three different secondary schools, Ave Royal Schools, Peace Model College, and Saviour Emmanuel Schools all at Ado-Odo, Ota local government, Ogun State.

Teenagers from each school attested to the fact that Joint Heirs enlightened and challenged them in various aspects.

One of them mentioned that it made them acknowledge and know that God is closer to them than they could think or imagine, as JESUS christ was likened to an elder brother to us all.

Another student said “I learnt how opportunities are meant to be seized not tossed away or neglected”

Another remarked, “Joint Heirs gave a perfect reminder that In times of storms, in sunshine and rain – God should be our companion, He’s always ready to hear us.’

Joint Heirs spurs revival. It enlightens teenagers to know that no matter how deep and lost they are in sin, God is ready to accept them

The movie is a veritable choice for teenage outreach and evangelism. Follow this link https://youtu.be/Zd47dmpXiwY?si=kjphC1vl_426DI9y

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