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Gift of life, your talents and the burden of relevance

by Church Times

By: Anazia Adaora Mary

 Life is a gift from God. But it is not just a gift, it is a responsibility that has been placed on us. So, God expects every human being to be a blessing to at least a fellow human being.

The potential in your life is not just for the fun of it. It is meant to be a blessing to others.

The question many may then ask is: How does my gift become a blessing to the world? Or better still, how do I make a difference with my gift?

Apart from the breath of God that is in every man, God has given every man talents and abilities that are unique. Talent is a God-given gift that makes us unique as individuals.

The implication then is that we all have to look inward and find out that special thing in us that makes us different from others.

We need to check that one gift in us that has the potential of showcasing us to the world. The gift of life is worth more than what people see from the outside. It is far deeper than that.

When we have a full understanding of that unique thing about us, we can then set out to impact the world around us with that gift. The motivation should primarily not be to get money. The motivation should be to contribute to the good of humanity.

We are created to bless on another. We must also realise that at the end of age, we will all give  account of how the gifts in us were deployed to the benefit of humanity.

From God’s prism, Life is a test, Life is a trust and Life is a temporary assignment. God gave us gifts so we could make a difference in the world and not just for ourselves.

Talents are given to us so we could assist one other and most importantly to please God the giver.

Unfortunately, many can’t identify God’s gifts in their lives. The only true way to find your gift is by revelation; getting it directly from God. This will enable you to align your reasoning in the way God has destined.

Life is meaningful only if we are able to discover our gift and also know why we came to the world. Life is not just about the things in the world, it is about the unique talent or gift in us and how we use it to benefit of humanity.

We must keep asking ourselves the question, how useful are we to our immediate surroundings? What meaningful contribution are we making to impact our world? If we can’t answer that question, then, we still have a long way to go. We need to cry to God and ask him to open our eyes and give us understanding on that one area he has called us to fulfill in life.

When we discover that gift in us, we must go ahead and start using it to benefit humanity. This could be challenging at the onset because it may not give us financial returns. But if we keep at it, the gains will come in no distant time. We must bear in mind that money is not what drives God’s gifts in us, it is passion and a longing to be a blessing.


Anazia Adaora Mary is a student of Redeemers University Ede, Osun State.


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