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Broda Martins others celebrate MAMA IDAHOSA @ 75

by Church Times

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa, fondly called Mama by her numerous spiritual children worldwide has hit the graceful age of seventy-five (75). He was born on July 29 1943. Mama Idahosa, stood behind Papa (late archbishop Benson Idahosa) for the foundation of today’s vibrant Pentecostal movement in Africa through their ministry and the great church of God Mission Worldwide with the headquarters in Benin City.
Among all their achievements, in the ministry, their effort in pioneering the contemporary gospel music ministry in Africa remains glorious till date. It would be recalled that the Idahosas introduced the use of complete set of musical instruments in gospel music ministration in the Nigerian Church. They also supported and invested in the training of gospel music ministers and even sponsored their albums launching and recordings.
Celebrated gospel acts such as Bola Are, Dupe Olulana, Broda Martyns, Chuks Chidube, Panam Percy Paul among others owed their present flourishing music ministry to Papa and Mama Idahosa.
Addressing reporters recently on how she felt at seventy-five. Mama Idahosa said: “I feel the same, there is no difference. I may not be as strong as when I was younger. Now, I can’t jog, dance or move as I used to do. God has blessed me so much and I give all the praises and glory to him. It is not by my power or might but by the Spirit of the living God.”
Archbishop Mama Idahosa was born 75 years ago into a royal lineage of Benin Kingdom. She was ordained into the ministry on the 24th of May, 1983 and consecrated Bishop on the 5th of April, 1998. In November, 2009, Mama Idahosa was consecrate Archbishop. This position makes her the first female Pentecostal Archbishop in Africa. For the past 15 years since Papa Benson Idahosa departed, Mama Idahosa has been effectively and fully been in charge of the worldwide ministry they founded.
In his tribute to Mama Idahosa, Mushin Olosa exponent Dr. Martyns Balogun popularly known as Broda Martyns said, “Mama Margaret as she is fondly called is an Amazing Amazon of the Most High God. She is the Matriarch of the vast Benson Idahosa dynasty. She is a living legend and an international Gospel Icon of no mean description. Her motherly disposition is undisputed. I have personally experienced this at close proximity in their home in Benin each time I want to minister in Church and God Mission”.

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