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Oyedepo preaches gospel @ Lagos Abeokuta toll gate

by Church Times

By our reporter

Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church also known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo on Thursday October 4 took to the streets to preach the gospel of Jesus.

Oyedepo who was sighted by our reporter at the toll gate junction of Lagos Abeokuta road was surrounded by enthusiastic passersby while he delivered the gospel urging them to come to Jesus.

He told the crowd who listened to him with rapt attention that they had a glorious destiny in Jesus pleading with them to embrace the provision of redemption that has been made available in Jesus.

He said ‘i have known the Lord since 1965. My life has not remained the same. He has been awesome. He has been a loving father. You can’t come to Jesus and regret your decision.’
He also pleaded with the people to take time to attend a Bible believing church noting that Winners Chapel is just one of the living churches. ‘there are several churches in the country. They are doing great. I urge you to find one to attend. Look for a church where the truth is preached not where they ask you to bring substance like salt or whatever. Anywhere they ask you to bring stuffs is not of God. Jesus has paid the price for our sins.’ he said adding, ‘since I gave my life to Jesus I have not missed church for more than seven times. It’s good to fellowship with God’s people in a living church’
The Winners Chapel overseer whose ministry’s headquarters is situated in Ota, Ogun State sat inside a black Jeep while using a microphone to project his voice from inside the Jeep. The crowd completely overwhelmed the vehicle making it difficult for our correspondent to take a snapshot of him. Attempt to take the picture of the crowd was rebuffed by some members of the church who stood at strategic places around where he was preaching.
For about 10 minutes however, Bishop Oyedepo took time to pray for the passers-by and the men and women selling stuffs by the road side. He then urged his listeners to attend the church’s covenant day of laughter slated for this weekend.

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