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Why I don’t flaunt my husband in the public-Yinka Alaseyori

by Church Times

Popular gospel artist, Adeyinka Alaseyori has given reasons why she does not flaunt her husband in public thus making some people think she is still single.

She gave the reasons in an interview session with the duo of Leke Adeboye and his wife, Titi in a programme tagged, confession box.

In the programme shared online which spanned about 30 minutes, Aleseyori also gave a brief insight into her family background and how her parents lived apart for about 20 years.

I don’t flaunt my husband

When asked about one of the confessions she would like to make, she said, “I love my husband, I don’t flaunt him. I don’t flaunt him so much. I don’t flaunt him all the time.”

Because she does not flaunt her husband, some people think she is not married and thereby make proposals to her.

“So most of the time people ask me, are you married? I have people who will tell me, I like you even after I have had two children.”

Sudden fame

She explained further that fame came to her suddenly. “Fame for us came faster than we expected. So my husband would rather that we keep the family out of public attention.”

While displaying her fingers, she said, “I do not wear my wedding ring. But I am happily married with two children. My husband is my dream supporter. He made sure I started what I was doing”

Earlier in the interview, she disclosed that it was her husband who encouraged her to go into the music ministry when she was not married to him.

Fame according to her comes with its challenges. “You can’t talk anyhow. You have to be conscious of what you do. A lot of people are looking up to you.”

Music career

Her interest in music however started as a member of the World Soul Evangelical Ministry, Oke-Isegun in Ilesha.

She said, “I would sing from Lagos to Ilesha as a young girl. I was staying practically with my grandma in a room. I was always in the church to clean chairs and sweep the floor. I enjoyed doing that for God. I was just around God.

“Getting back home I was always with grandma singing in the compound. I would go into people’s rooms and sing for them. Most of the time we did not have light. We would stay outside the compound at night and sometimes sleep outside overnight”

Parents lived apart

Her parents according to her lived apart for about 20 years. But they made up. “I did not know my dad because for many years I was living with my grandma. My parents were living apart.

“I recalled addressing another person as my dad until I was later made to understand that the person I thought was my dad was not my dad. My parents later came together and reconciled.”

She said her parents met God individually and were able to settle their differences. “By the time they came back, the relationship became better. My mother was always singing. Sometimes we sing from our sleep into real life. That was the kind of love we had for music in our music.”

On where she draws her inspiration, “My inspiration comes from my quiet time with the Lord. The more I stay with God, the more I draw from him.”

She confessed also that every place she has been to minister in songs has been a blessing to her career irrespective of the treatment meted to her. “Every point in my life is a high point. I keep going higher and higher, Everybody has added to my growth one way or the other”


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