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Apostle Suleman

My Covid-19 statement slipped out of my tongue-Apostle Johnson Suleman

by Church Times

Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Suleman Johnson has said he could not have prayed for covid-19 not to end saying the statement he made on covid-19 was a slip of tongue.

Suleman in a viral video had said he was praying that covid-19 would not end because he had time to rest.

Suleman who was addressing a large gathering of people in a crusade at Oghara, Delta State on Monday however said the statement was made during a progamme he had in Abuja noting that it was taken out of context.

He said he was only trying to buttress how sweet life could be during lockdown because it afforded families to come together.

“I was telling them that my wife was saying she was so happy that I was at home and life could be this sweet because her husband was at home. Not that we are happy that people are dying. When I saw that video, I regretted it. I went on my knees and said Holy spirit, you know I cannot say this, I am sorry.”

Suleman said those who have not commended him had no right to condemn him wondering why people only focus on the negative aspects of his life.

He said those who are troubled that he has three jets will continue to be troubled because he has no apologies for that while also recalling many of the good things he has done.

“When I built schools and gave to government, built houses for widows, bought transformers for communities, built correctional centres and constructed federal roads nobody saw that and there was no noise like this. There are graduates who have no job in my church that are placed on salaries. Nobody talks about that. Then you are angry because I mentioned jet, you never vex,” he said.

He said the video on his statement on covid-19 was posted by a pastor and was edited to present to the world that it was the only statement he made.

Suleman said he would be stupid to say he does not care what people say adding however that he would be angry if he is quoted out of context and another meaning is imputed on his statement.

While stressing that his life is about taking care of the poor, he said God would only be angry with him if he uses tithe and offering of the people to buy a jet.

He said, “If God has blessed me and I am able to buy jet from other sources why should I be bothered. I am not government and people should not be harassing me to do what the Government is supposed to do. My life is about the poor. You can’t tell me about the poor. Apart from taking care of the poor i have no other life.” he quipped.


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Ken Tiemo February 23, 2021 - 10:46 pm

Apostle Suleman has apologized for the mistake he did. I like him for his humility that when he discovers he is wrong, he does not hide from an attitude to quickly apologize; he is a human being and a lot of us are victims to such circumstances. At least he has explained himself and it’s very clear he was quoted out of context. There are others who are too proud to apologize and continue with their wrong doctrines. The Church currently is in such an attack that even native doctors are posing as pastors. May God help us.


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