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“As homosexual, I was using about four pampers daily, how God delivered me”

by Church Times

A Ghanaian man, Nana Tarzan has recounted how he lived his life as a homosexual and how he was eventually delivered from the horrible lifestyle.

He shared his experience in an online interview monitored by Church Times.

He also recalled the ugly details of how his health was devastated by that lifestyle.

Tarzan who said he has not been able to trace his biological parents recalled that he first got attracted to the lifestyle while at a Technical College in Ghana.

“I was in a technical school when a senior approached and showed some kindness. He was always buying me food and taking care of me. He took me to his house one day. I slept there. By the next day, I found myself naked and he said to me that we had sex. I was wondering how it happened.”

He said he did not know how he slept with him, but that the experience that night was the beginning of a lifestyle that lasted for about five years starting from 2016.

The gay partner according to him was paying his school fees since he had no parents. He however noted that the homosexual lifestyle is a spiritual thing.

“Once a gay has sex with you that is all. I was not enjoying it but because I had lost track of my parents, I did not grow up to know the.m and my uncle who has been taking care of me had no money as such. Because I had no financial support from anyone, I decided to do continue with that lifestyle because it was paying off so to say.”

Tarzan who said he was always the “wife” in the homosexual circle said he got a lot of financial compensation from making himself available for sex. But the lifestyle according to him took a lot of toll on him. “I see sperms in my body after sex. It affected me in so many ways. But because of the money and the spiritual link, it was difficult for me to leave.”

He said, “The gay thing is not normal. The big men do. They buy you with money. They don’t just give money. They buy me with money. My partner rented a room for me and gave me everything I needed. He told me not to cheat on him,” he recalled.

Tarzan’s first partner died, but that did not dissuade him from the lifestyle. He soon ran into another gay man on a public bus.  “The man just approached me in a public bus. He was asking if I had a girlfriend. Apparently, he knew I was a gay person. There are ways we know ourselves.”

He disclosed that whenever a man breaks away from his gay partner the man has to return all the benefits he got from the partner. That is what happened to him when he came to his senses and had to quit.

But he didn’t quit until his health began to deteriorate as a result of his lifestyle. “It got to a point smelly liquid began to come out of my anus. I had to be wearing pampers. I used to wear about four pampers in a day. I went to the hospital and told the doctor liquid was coming from my anus. He then asked what caused it. Initially, I did not want to tell him. But when he said he would not treat me if I don’t tell him the truth, I had to open up. By that time my anus had become wider. While having sex we used to put some gel around the anus that makes it soft for penetration. I was always applying that. But my anus had become devastated as a result of incessant penetration. It got to a point I was passing out stool uncontrollably. My anus had been damaged.

The doctor invited a pastor to pray for me and he treated me thereafter. “The Liquid was dropping out of my anus for nine months. I slept in the hospital for three months of the treatment. The prayer of the pastor also helped a great deal to deliver me from the hold of a gay lifestyle. I don’t wear pampers again.”

As gay Tarzan said he never liked the sight of women. He said also that there were many pastors into the gay lifestyle. “There are pastors, businessmen politicians, and entertainers that are gay. They used to do group sex. But I want to thank God that He has delivered me.

Though he lost all that he acquired through the lifestyle when he decided to quit. Tarzan says nothing will take him back there again. “It is by to that lifesytle. There is nothing good about it. it is evil. I will advise that government should not fall under the pressure of legalising it. If it does, it will spell doom for the country.”

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