Spiritual money: Popular myths, danger spots and the Bible perspective

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Money is very important in our world because it is the standard universal means of exchange. Since it replaced the old barter economy, money has become one of the most potent forces in the world.


The only way to survive in the world today is to have money. Without reliable means of income you can’t live a decent life; if you survive at all, it would be at the mercy of others who have money to give to you. That’s why people kill, maim, steal, and do all sorts of bizarre things like prostitution just to eke out a living.


Some people have the idea that there is something spiritual about money. Some people think that money is controlled by a spiritual force, which if manipulated, could produce wealth, supernaturally. This is why some people seek spiritual help in the quest for wealth. This help is often sought through occultic means or Christian spiritual medium.


Those who are seeking riches through the medium of cultists believe that the spiritualist has the power to make wealth through some rituals or demonic rites. These often involve the use of animal or human blood sacrifice. This is why ritual killings are so rampant in our society today. The target are albinos, human body parts like head, breast, penis, vagina or internal organs like the heart, liver, lungs or kidneys, etc. The spiritualists use these human parts for rituals in order to make spiritual money emerge.


Of course, when apprehended by law enforcement agents, these criminals not only make shocking confessions of their horrendous crimes, they sometimes display human parts before television camera, from their shrines where these ghoulish rituals take place. There’s no denying the fact that spiritualists or Babalawo, as called in local parlance, can actually use a spirit medium to create wealth, which is why desperate fortune-seekers patronize them despite knowing full well that such practices are satanic.


Apart from the human blood that is spilled, the spiritualist often demands a high personal price from their patrons, which may involve taking an oath of a short life; death of a loved one or the worship of an animal like a snake, or some strange rituals. The reason for these additional rituals, which are made continually by the wealth-seeker is to sustain their ill-gotten wealth. This is the price they pay to appease the demon behind this kind of wealth.


Anytime you see sudden or mysterious acquisition of wealth by someone, it is likely that such person got his wealth by some demonic means. The other forms of sudden wealth is to win a lottery, or engage in some criminal activities like robbery, kidnapping for ransom or large-scale fraud.  If you are a youth reading this, you now know how some people get wealth in our society; don’t envy them. In Ps. 73:2-12, the Psalmist said he envied the rich, until God showed him their inglorious end.


There’s another type of spiritual money that can be accessed legitimately from God. If you sow into the vineyard of God, the Bible teaches that you would reap a harvest in due season. There are several passages in the word of God that give assurances regarding sowing a seed and reaping a harvest. It is an objective reality. Even then, a detailed understanding of God’s covenant of prosperity is necessary for all believers; so do not fall prey to some prosperity preachers who twist the word of God to extort money from innocent people.


God always attach preconditions to all His promises. Prosperity is promised, but it has a number of conditions like obedience, faith, works, holiness, righteousness, etc. God doesn’t prosper an unbeliever. If you see anyone who prospers outside of the covenant of God, their wealth came from other sources, not heaven. Just as we read in the proceeding paragraphs about spiritualists, the demons could make one rich, if one  follows their ordinances. In like manner if we follow God’s ordinances, He’ll prosper us. if you do legitimate business, you can be rich. God has the power to make you rich.


There are people who claim that they prayed, and someone just deposited money into their bank account. It is possible, because with God all things are possible. However, never recommend such results to all believers. They may not get the same manifestation because we operate at different faith levels.


There are reports or testimonies of believers who are struggling in business who attribute their problem to refusal to heed instructions to go into ministry. That may be true, but it is not always so. God deals with us differently. A call to ministry is never made by God to anyone for the sake of giving them wealth.


It is possible that God allows you to go through a wilderness experience to prepare you for an assignment; not because He wants to punish you for not preaching the gospel. The case of Jonah often cited is of a different context in a bygone dispensation.


Finally, God has no obligation to make you rich, famous or powerful because He called you to ministry. He doesn’t work that way. The covenant of prosperity is not predicated on obedience to a call. God can show you how to create wealth whether you have a call or not.


Memory Verse: Blessed shall be thy basket and thy store – Deut 28:5


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Q: Is it right for my wife and I to go to different churches since we are all Christians?

A: No! There’s bound to be doctrinal conflicts in the messages you hear moreover, a family that worships and pray together, stay together.

Q: What’s the importance of celebrating birthdays?

A: it’s just a social event. It has no spiritual significance. The bible does not command it.

Q: Is birth control right?

A: Yes if it is not abortion or the taking of pills that destroy foetus. You can observe the safe period

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  1. Prosperity message has taken over our pulpits at the neglect of the message of repentance which has enslaved many hearts in the pleasure and love of the world. Unfortunately, our youths have been captured by this. There is need to earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.

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