Oluwayemi's daughter's wedding

Prof Maxey shares secret of successful marriage @ Dr. GOFAMINT Deputy G.O’s daughter’s wedding

by Church Times

By Wilson Adekumola

For the Oluwayemis and Olowojobas, Thursday, December 15, 2022, will remain evergreen in their memories. It was the day their daughter, Mercy, and their Son, Reuben were joined together in marriage.

 Dignitaries from all walks of life including notable church leaders trooped to the expansive auditorium of The Gospel Faith Mission (GOFAMINT), House of Glory, Aseese 1, Ogun State, to witness the event.

Dr. Emmanuel Oluwayemi who gave out his daughter in marriage is the Chairman of the Governing Council of West Africa Theological Seminary. He is the Chairman, of Pillar College of Health Technology, Lagos.  But more importantly, he is the Deputy General Overseer of GOFAMINT. So it was just natural for church leaders and dignitaries to flood the wedding ceremony.

Beauty of Christian marriage

The founder of West Africa Theological Seminary, Prof, Gary Maxey who preached at the event said marriage is a special Christian institution. He said nothing can be compared to the beauty of Christian Marriage.

“I believe nothing can be compared to the beauty of Christian marriage because it is established on the platform of God. God said when He sees marriage He sees something sacred. He said two shall become one and what God has joined together let no man put asunder.”

He outlined scriptural keys to maintain and sustain the marriage while explaining how important it is for the couple to love each other dearly.

Communication is key

Maxey said, “Effective communication is one of the keys to a successful marriage. Where couples don’t communicate effectively there will always be barriers in such marriage.

“Couples need to communicate so they could understand their perspectives. They need to communicate to sort out their differences. Where there is no communication there will be no information and we need  information to grow every day both spiritually and otherwise.”

 He mentioned a particular incident in his 54 years of marriage when he realized he had offended his wife. He said he deemed it fit to apologize to her and peace returned immediately to their home and marriage.

Maxey who has been living in Nigeria for over 40 years said spouses must also imbibe the spirit of forgiveness.  “Don’t say because you are the husband you cannot say ‘I am sorry’ to your wife. I want you to always be ready to apologize to your wife each time the need arises.

“Don’t feel too big to say sorry. This brings peace, joy, and happiness to your home. “God has designed mercy for each of us to help our home. Mercy is one of the keys that hold our marriage together.”

 Prof. Maxey reasoned that the couple that prays together will always stay together. “Learning to effectively pray together is an essential tool that makes a marriage strong. So, prayer must be paramount. Learn how to pray without ceasing. Prayer is the master key that opens every locked door,” he said.

 He advised the groom who is also a Pastor to love his wife dearly while also urging the wife to reciprocate the love with submission as stated in Ephesians Chapter 5:21. “Those who love their wives love themselves because the wife is one  flesh  with the husband.”

Oluwayemi's daughter's wedding

Offiating ministers ministering to the couple

Devil’s plan averted

 The reception of the wedding took place at Mountain of Fire and  Micale, Prayer City, Km 12, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Mowe-Ibawo, Ogun State.

The mother of the bride, Deaconess Modupe Blessing Oluwayemi in a chat with Church Times expressed deep gratitude to God.  

She said, “I am very grateful for today. There is no word to define my joy. But I thank God for His grace and mercy because 7 years ago devil would have taken her from us. But God proved His supremacy.

 “She drowned in a river. By His grace, she was rescued from the depth of the river.  I can only rejoice in the Lord.  Now that she is going to start her new home. my candid advice is she should work hard to make the home a good one. I am optimistic that she will be a good wife to her husband because of how she was brought up and importantly, the grace of God.

“She is gifted in many areas. She is an artiste and evangelist among other talents she is endowed with. The holy spirit has endued her with spiritual gifts too.

 Prospective couples

 Mrs. Oluwayemi reasoned that the only way marriage could make meaning is for prospective couples to allow Christ to be the Lord and all. “The first step is knowing the Lord and having an intimate relationship with him. With that, we can fulfill our purpose in marriage. They should  also seek the face of God to know the meaning of marriage.”

Groom’s mother

The groom’s mother, Mrs. Caroline Temitope Olowojoba also expressed gratitude to the Lord saying she’s the happiest person on earth.  “In fact, if I want to start thanking the Lord for what He did for me today, I can’t readily find a word to show my appreciation. But I will continue to thank God for making the wedding a success.

 “My son, Pastor Reuben Olowojoba is an exceptional child from birth. I have no doubt that he will make exploit and be an exemplary husband to others. He started having an affinity for pastoral work at the Christ Apostolic Church when he was a child. He told the pastor then, that he wanted his regalia and the pastor looked at him and blessed him saying, ‘so shall it be’.

“That prayer is now a reality. Since then he has been moving from glory to glory. My advice to him is to love his wife dearly and take good care of her which I know he will definitely do.”

In his words, the groom’s father, Mr. Adekunle Olowojoba explained that marriage is an institution ordained by God. He urged people to put their trust in God saying without God there is nothing anybody can do.

“ You see, my philosophy about marriage is that it is an institution ordained by God, so,  people should just put their trust in God. Without God, there is nothing anybody can do. Today is an amazing day in my life. I will advise the couple as both of them are now my children to move closer to God.”

Some of the officiating ministers at the event

Dr. Oluwayemi’s appreciation

 In his remark, the father of the bride, Rev  Emmanuel  Oluwayemi, thanked participants at the wedding stating that without their love and support the wedding would not have been successful.

He said, “I thank God for his mercy and glory. I thank the church leaders who spared their time to grace this occasion, it is a long list.

 “I can’t start to mention names because of the constraint of time.  I thank everyone who contributed to the success of this wedding in one way or the other. My heart also goes out to my brother, my friend who taught me theology, Prof. Gary Maxey. We are beneficiaries of his experience of 54 years of marriage in the sermon today.”


Prominent among the attendees was The National Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church Church of God, Pastor Sunday Akande, who stood in for the RCCG General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye.  

The wife of Prof Gary, Emma Lou Maxey was also at the event. The GOFAMINT General Secretary, Pastor Solomon Omowunmi, The Chair of the Ogun State chapter of the Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN), Ogun State, Bishop Akin Akinsanya. The Chairman, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Ogun State, Apostle A. B Otaru.  Pastor Ade Ojo, former GOFAMINT scribe,  Pastor Gbenga Afolabi, Rev. Sunday Adebiyi,  Apostle Paul Adebayo of Foursquare Gospel  Church, and a host of others.


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