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Peter Obi: I have not promised I will change Nigeria overnight

But I will give it a sense of direction

by Church Times

Presidential Candidate of Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi has said he has not at any time promised he would change Nigeria overnight if he gets to power.

He however said what he could guarantee is that Nigeria will experience a new direction that will lead to the desired change if elected president

Obi made the submission while answering questions on the AY Comedian Show recently.

His words, “I am not saying I am going to change Nigeria overnight. No. The problems are enormous. But what I am saying is that where we are now is very simple, we are on the wrong road. If you don’t know where you are going, every road will lead you there. What I want to do is to take Nigeria back to the right road to development.

“While I might not achieve 100 percent result, Nigerians will see 100 percent effort and I will communicate it. I will be able to communicate it. I was talking to the people of Anambra once every month when I was governor so that they can see where we are going. If people know you’re making effort and you are communicating it, there will be hope.”

While agreeing that many Nigerians have lost faith in the system, he said, “Once there is hope, people will have faith in the country. We go to church today believing we will go to heaven. I want to give Nigerians hope so they can have faith in their country.”

Obi said many people who get to power don’t really change when they get to power. “What happens is that power and money only reveal the true nature of man.”

As governor of Anambra, he said he did not promise the state he would save their money. But at the time of handing over, he had cleared all their pension. “I was not owing a single gratuity, salary, contractor or supplier who have done their job and was still able to save money

“I have said, that if any one of them comes out today to say I was owing them, I will stop campaigning. I signed over 5000 C of O land allocated by the Anambra State government to people. If you find one land allocated to me, I will stop campaigning. I had to buy my own land.”

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He gave a personal testimony of his activities as the chairman of Fidelity Bank stating that he did not take advantage of the bank.

He said the two official cars allocated to him as chairman of the bank were turned down. He also refused to live in Lekki even when the bank was ready to pay for his accommodation.

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