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Pastor Odukoya

Pastor Odukoya recounts Adeboye, Okonkwo, others’ effort to save his wife

by Church Times

Senior Pastor of Fountain of Life Bible Church, Pastor Taiwo Odukoya has narrated the efforts made by some fathers in faith to stop his wife, Nomthi, from bowing to the cold hands of death.

The Star, an online publication in a report gave a run-down of Pastor Odukoya’s address on Sunday, November 14 at the Ilupeju headquarters of Fountain of Life Church.

During the address, he recounted the medical and spiritual efforts made to keep his wife alive. Though the efforts seem not to have yielded visible results, Odukoya affirms his faith in God noting that the devil came too late.

Adeboye, Okonkwo went beyond call of duty

Odukoya according to the report said, “Some might say Pastor Taiwo, you didn’t see it coming and you didn’t fight it – who told you? We did the best we could do; it wasn’t the want of prayers. When it got to a stage, I involved the Apostolic fathers. Honestly, the ones I could reach, went beyond the call of duty.

“They gave us their time, they call us almost twice a week. Bishop Mike and Rev Peace, the Baba and Mama Adeboye; you would think they gave birth to us. They prayed and they gave. I couldn’t reach Bishop Oyedepo and he told me when he came that ‘O so fun mi’ (You didn’t tell me).

But I told him that ‘Ko kin se testimony sir, mo try lati reach yin (It’s not a testimony sir and I tried reaching you as well). So, they did their best. At night, you see Bishop Mike Okonkwo at our gate. Six in the morning, you will see Baba Adeboye at our gate. So, it wasn’t, want of prayers.

“Is it that you didn’t catch it on time? Some doctors here will tell you that if it is about catching it on time, we caught it on time. It started like flu but we did all we could do.”

The online publication further reports, quoting Odukoya, “We walked the journey all through together, even when she was abroad. You know we are five hours ahead of them, we call and chat together. So, while she would be going to bed at 11 p.m., I would be going to bed by 4 a.m. because of the time zone. We had good times together.

Nomthi was awesome

“I saw a woman who was incredibly awesome. When Pastor Ashimolowo called me and started talking about Nomthi, I couldn’t believe my ears. She connected unusually and she was simple and quiet about it.

“In terms of treatment, we got the best. Treatment in the UK, we found favour all the way. At a time, she had to do major surgery. She was on the pulpit sometimes, ministering in so much pain and she will not be able to lift her arm but you didn’t know.

“We got through that only through surgery because the illness was trying to paralyze her but we made sure that never happened by the grace of God. She went through surgery in January this year and by the time she got through surgery, her arms came back. It was a major surgery; she went in at 10 a.m. and came out at about 6 p.m. She came back continuing ministry and receiving treatment until we had to go somewhere else,” he said.

Odukoya said the unfortunate incident was an attack from the devil, stating that despite being upset by the occurrence of certain events, he has the peace of God over the departure of his wife.

Still, on efforts, he made he said: “We went to countries and we got the best of treatment. In the U.S., they told us that at the level at which we are treating this case, less than 1 percent of Americans go this far. We got the best.

“But then, it got to a stage that they said we are out of options and they meant it. But each time they said that I would reply that except for a miracle. At that point, I realized that I just had to continue to believe in God.

“So, we boarded the plane and we came back. She came with me two weeks ago. We had the best paramedics from the U.S. and they followed us home. Reddington [Hospital] created virtual ICU in our home; they gave us four to five doctors, supported by their nurses.”

The  church deserves an explanation

Grief-stricken Odukoya was reported to have expressed his mind further, “Some people said Pastor don’t go to church today, we want you to rest. Amazingly, I have rest by the grace of God. I have the peace of God. Yes, I’m upset about the occurrence of certain events but I have peace.

“I am here because the church deserves an explanation. The first reason is that I come to glorify the name of the Lord. We are here to worship and let the devil know that he came too late.”

He recalled further, “Last year’s Mother’s Day, she was receiving treatment in the UK, she preached from a very difficult position. She started receiving treatment January last year.

“Was it an attack? Everything that the Lord didn’t put on you is an attack of the devil. Yes, it was an attack. But did the devil win? No, he didn’t. I don’t understand the mystery myself. Did the devil win when Judas betrayed and sold Jesus? So, the devil cannot win over us, it is the counsel of God that will come to pass. Why do bad things happen to good people? It is because God is God. So, we really cannot question God over all those things.

“Did we pray? Some people even asked why we didn’t tell them. But you will rather hear of testimonies, that is the way it is structured so that your faith can be deepened. But there were people who were praying every night and day for the past two years. I am not talking of two or three people, but groups of people.”

Nomthi Odukoya  died on Tuesday, November 9 after a long battle with cancer. She was the second wife of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya after the former, Bimbo died 15 years ago in a Sosoliso plane crash in Portharcourt

Odukoya married Nomthi, a South African, in 2010  five years after Bimbo died.

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