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Nigeria is being raped every day-Folake Marcus Bello, recommends way forward

by Church Times

Nigeria’s former ambassador to Zambia and Malawi, Folake Marcus-Bello has observed that Nigeria is being raped every day by those who are supposed to nurture it.

She also called on Nigerians to stand up and be involved in the 2023 elections so as stop the country from further drifting

Marcus Bello made the submission at the 2021 mega summit of Kingdom Men Global Network in Lagos on Thursday, November 18.

According to her, many Nigerians are responsible in one way or the other for the problem in the country. She said however that the situation of the country requires all hands to be on deck to stop the country from further drifting.

While noting that some church leaders are also to blame for the moral rot in Nigeria, she urged Nigerians to ensure they participate in the next elections.

“Make sure you have a voter’s card. That is the only way we can change the system. We have to be involved. Unfortunately, we are too passive. Faith without works is dead. Do that little favour for me. Get to your streets and encourage people to vote. Register and vote. Get everybody around you to vote. Let us rise up and fight for this nation.” she said.

Marcus-Bello also appealed to Nigerians in the diaspora to come home and vote in 2023.

Her words, “They should put Nigeria on their shoulders. They should come home and vote. We need committed people to fight  a bad system and enthrone righteous leadership.”

Marcus-Bello: Young people should wake up

She observed that many young people are committed to things that are not valuable. “When it comes to BB Nija for instance, many young people will buy data, get their generators on and spend time watching. They also vote when it comes to voting in BB Nija.

“But many are not politically active “As a mother, I want to make an appeal. There is no place like Nigeria. There are competent people in this country.  Nigeria has the best brains. Unfortunately, we also have bad and wicked people in the country. When God said the heart of man is inherently wicked, He must have been thinking about Nigeria. But we must change the narrative.” she admonished

She reasoned that the time to talk is over “What do you want to say to a government that does not know where it is going. The only appeal I will make is that people should be involved in the next process and vote. It is true that the votes may be rigged, I can’t guarantee that the elections will be fair.

“But then we can’t tell what will happen. We should play our own part by voting. God may cause all our enemies to fall asleep on that day and they won’t be able to carry out their evil plans of sabotaging the electoral process.“

The mega summit is a three-day summit organized by KINGDOM MEN GLOBAL NETWORK.

Kingdom Men is a Bible-based independent ministry to men founded by Pastor Remi Akano, a veteran journalist.


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