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Okotie warns of imminent crisis in Nigeria, says, “its a precursor to its rebirth”

by Church Times

Founder and Shepherd Superintendent of the Household of God church, Rev Chris Okotie has warned that Nigeria is at the threshold of a major crisis.

Okotie in a statement made available to Church Times said however that the crisis is just a precursor to Nigeria’s greatness.

He said the forces holding Nigeria hostage would be defeated in the impending explosion, after which the nation would experience a rebirth.

The clergyman who also founded Fresh Party had described as Pastor Bosun Emmanuel’s message to Nigeria as “arrant heterodoxy deriving from abysmal ignorance of sound biblical interpretation of visions and revelations.”

He explained that Nigeria is not a theocratic state like Israel. “It is a client nation for God. There is a vast difference. Nigeria is at the cusp of a major crisis which is a precursor to it’s rebirth.

“Pristine forces which have been a perennial impediment to the fulfillment of Nigeria’s prophetic destiny are about to be pulverized.”

Okotie stressed that “God cannot judge the body of Christ. That would be tantamount to judging Christ a second time. This is blasphemy at its apogee. We must compare spiritual things with spiritual to engender sound biblical interpretation.

Let charlatans and self-styled prophets avoid the  electrifying currents of eschatology where deep calleth unto deep.”

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