Michael Brown punctures mega grace @ WATS glorious freedom assembly

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Michael Brown a Jewish American has described the teachings of mega grace as unbiblical warning Christians to check messages they hear before subscribing to them.

Brown who was guest at the annual Glorious Freedom Assembly organised by the West Africa Theological Seminary, Ipaja, Lagos Nigeria spoke at the assembly via Skype.

He could not secure a visa to Nigeria for the event. Brown is reputed to have a large social media following in Nigeria, the highest of all the countries where he has followers. He took time to address the foundational error of the mega grace doctrine in one of the sessions at the assembly.

Brown, a professor with a Ph.D. in Near Eastern languages and Literature punctured the excesses of mega grace preachers noting that the church should be wary of their teachings.

While agreeing that their teachings on grace are largely right, he said one of the fundamental flaws of their teachings is that the sins yet uncommitted have been forgiven by God and that one does not need to go to God asking for forgiveness again as believers when we err.

He reasoned that such outlandish position is erroneous. Brown then explained that when a believer confesses his sins he is not confessing because he wants to be saved again but because he is in a relationship with his father.

He stated that James would not have asked believers to confess their sins one to another if there is no need for confession adding that grace teaches us to “forsake sin and not to continue in sin. But then if we sin we have a responsibility as a good child of God to confess our sins because we are in a relationship. That is quite different from confessing to becoming born again”

He warned believers against following some of the excesses of the mega grace preachers while also explaining that the grace of God simply implies God’s power to live above sin.

He expressed joy that many of those who were in this error have begun to modify their message to preach the truth noting however that a few are however still adamant.

It would be recalled that Brown met Joseph Prince in 2017 during which he tried to debrief Prince on his teachings on mega grace.


Mega grace preacher, Joseph Prince and Michael Brown

Brown also used the opportunity at the assembly to warn Nigerian Christians against the canonisation of homosexuality. He said the number of those subscribing to homosexual behaviour while still believing in Jesus is growing.

Quoting several scriptures he noted that what purveyors of the immoral act are doing is to twist scriptures to say what they have in mind.

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He then stressed that the Church should keep praying and warned those who care to listen that the Bible does not in any way support a gay lifestyle. “It is one thing to say I don’t know why I am still involved in homosexual practice. I recognise that it is wrong. I want to repent. And another thing for you to say the Bible supports it. Saying the Bible supports it is where the problem is. You don’t follow Jesus and practice homosexual behaviour. We have such shocking situations around the world.”


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