My life and ministry as a pastor’s wife in Israel-Kehinde Dairo

Kehinde Dairo never planned to travel to Israel; not to talk of living there. But then, it turned out that her husband, Jeremiah Dairo was already living in Israel when she came to Nigeria to ask for her hand in marriage. So marriage took her to Israel.

kehinde Dairo
Pastor Mrs Kehinde Dairo

For years now, she and her husband have been living in that tourist country. They are not just there. They are doing God’s bidding, leading the flock of God and impacting lives.

Their church, Lift Up Your Head Ministry, has been at the centre of providing assistance to the needy in Tel Aviv especially people of African descent. It also provides a ready place for African Christians to pray and study God’s word.

Kehinde in an online interview with Church Times disclosed that the church has been giving succour to immigrants who are yet to find their feet in Israel and some who are stranded.

“We provide them with where to lay their heads. By the time they are able to find their feet, they leave to allow others. Thousands of people have benefitted from this gesture since the church began 14 years ago.” She disclosed.

Blessed with four children, three boys one girl, Kehinde who studied mass communication from the Lagos State University said she had often dreamt of becoming a broadcaster. But today she finds herself in the ministry supporting her husband in Israel.

She however does not see herself missing anything. “I see my childhood dream come to past because I went to the university to study mass communication and now am using my professional skills in the kingdom of God. So nothing is amiss” she declared.

Life in Israel according to her is less challenging. “Most of the people here are friendly and welcoming. Only a few are not. But on the whole, it’s a pleasant country. The particular thing about the Israelis is that they are covenant people of God and they are nice people. But doing church in Israel in her words is a “little bit challenging” She, however, added that with “the help of God we are moving higher”

According to her, their ministry in Israel is contributing its quota to the development of the land “We stand in the prayer gap for the land of Israel and also we help the country in the little way we can by helping to take some homeless people off the street of Tel Aviv in Israel as I said earlier”

She and her husband have faced a lot of challenges in dealing with people they seek to help “thousands of people have gone through the ministry. There are lots of challenges that we face and you know we deal with people and they will always act and behave according to their own understanding.

“But we thank God for the patience and longsuffering that the Lord has given us. It can be demoralizing to see people that you support and helped to start off now pretend they don’t know you immediately they find their footing in Israel.

“But then we don’t really see it as a problem and that has not stopped us from being kind because anything we do is done for Christ, not man. Whenever we help them, we always feel good and happy because we are in the field that God has called us into.”

On how she feels being a pastors wife, she says,“to be a pastor’s wife is a privilege that God has given me. I don’t take it for granted. I love the calling because God has called me to my husband to help him in the ministry so that he will not fail in the calling of God upon his life.”

Author of Women Stay Strong in Marriage and Couples Strength. She said she wrote the books to highlight what many women go through in marriage and how to help them get through the hard times. “I also believe the books will help them survive the huddles of marriage together as a couple.”



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