I once went to toilet 23 times in a day-Adeboye  

by Church Times


By Gbenga Osinaike


The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye has recalled how he went to toilet  23 times in a day after taking a meal during one of his missionary trips to some African countries years ago noting that it took God through the prayer of faith for him to be healed.


He recalled, “I did not know what I ate but I just saw myself going to toilet. After the 23rd time, I realized that I needed to tackle the matter prayerfully. I then laid hands on myself and prayed. That was how I was healed.”


He made reference to the healing while encouraging his listeners to pray for themselves on Tuesday December 4, at the ongoing Holy Ghost Congress of the Church.  He also gave  some insight into the nature of the believer.


 Adeboye who spoke on the topic “the branch of the vine” under the theme, “the glory ahead” said every child of God is a branch of the vine noting also that the vine is Jesus who combined the human and divine nature while he was on earth.


Quoting copiously from the Bible, he said Jesus slept in the boat when there was a storm indicating the human nature in him while he was on earth. “But the same Jesus who slept rose up to rebuke the wind, indicating his divine nature. Jesus was fully human and fully divine when he was on earth.”


He said further that since believers are extensions of Jesus as the branch “we share divine nature and are capable of doing what God said we could do. As long as we are linked to him, as long as we are connected to him we have the capacity to do all that he said he we could do.”


Adeboye said “I once told my children that nobody can kill me because I am already dead. I have been crucified with Christ nevertheless I live. Because Jesus is living in the believer, his blood flows in the believer. On the outside it may not appear to be so, but in actual fact the blood that is flowing in you is the blood of Jesus. Rev 12v10-11, indicates that the blood has enough power to overcome the devil. If only you can believe, the blood that is flowing in you now can overcome any germ, virus or deadly thing.”


He noted that there are several things that science cannot explain because those things are not happening in the realm of humanity, they are happening in the divinity. Recalling how a doctor was healed by taking the Holy Communion, he said, “Whatever is called sickness or disease will be consumed by the blood of Jesus. Because Christ is in you and the blood is flowing in your vein, sickness is not permitted in you.”


The RCCG G.O who said he just returned from a missionary trip to some West African Countries told his listeners that they have the capacity to do what he could do because the same spirit that resides in him also resides in them as long as they belong to Jesus.

He said, “you can from here go home and be healing the sick. The same capacity that I have you have as long as you yield yourselves to God.


Quoting Mark 16 v17, Adeboye said, “The Bible did not say the signs will only follow the General Overseer but those who believe. Some also think they don’t have enough faith to do certain things. I used to believe that everything in the Bible is true but I believe I could not do those things because I did not have enough faith. Then I would fast and ask God to increase my faith.  But the Lord sat me down one day and asked me some questions.


“He asked me, son, do you believe there is God? I said yes. Have you seen him before? I kept mute. How then do you know there is God? Do you believe that Jesus is the son of God? I said I believe and he asked were you there when he was born? I kept quiet and he kept on asking some other questions and said why are you then saying you don’t have faith?. It takes strong faith to believe that there is God, that Jesus is the son of God and that He is coming again. If you believe those things, you have the faith you need to make the impossible happen.”


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Daughter Zion December 5, 2018 - 4:55 pm

Thanks for posting this message. I would like to address this phrase by Pastor Adeboye in this article. He said and I quote:

Adeboye said “I once told my children that nobody can kill me because I am already dead. I have been crucified with Christ nevertheless I live.

Why is it then that he goes about with body guards if he believes what he says? Does he even believe in Psalm 91:11? Most of these pastors have heavy securities that some governors and celebrities don’t have. Pastor Adeboye, it is your congregation who believe in the security of God because they trust God enough not to have body guards, in fact most of them cannot even afford it. Only the protection of the Lord is sure, for the arm of flesh will and always fails. I would like to see Pastor Adeboye walk on the street of Lagos without all his heavy guided securities and then I will believe him.

Please don’t let us spiritualize some issues, everybody knows that we have security problems in Nigeria and we are all trying to keep safe. Nobody knows his/her time to leave this world and doesn’t want to leave before their time. Even our Lord Jesus Christ escaped from the people when he was going to be stoned (John 8:59) because He knew it was not His time.

I know some of Pastor Adeboye’s followers are ready to defend him. Please before you do, study the Bible for yourself and stop this follow, follow mentality. There is nothing wrong in using some medicine if you are going to the toilet too many times in a day but you first pray that the Lord will make the medicine work for you, that is why God gave doctors the wisdom and knowledge to treat sickness.

Read what Prophet Isaiah told King Hezekiah to do even though God already promised to extend his life, take note of verse 7 in 2 Kings 20:6-7: (6) And I will add unto thy days fifteen years; and I will deliver thee and this city out of the hand of the king of Assyria; and I will defend this city for mine own sake, and for my servant David’s sake. (7) And Isaiah said, Take a lump of figs. And they took and laid it on the boil, and he recovered.

Most times when this passage is being preached, the emphasis is on verse 6 only, verse 7 is either skipped or omitted. King Hezekiah believed God, took the lump of fig, laid it on the boil and he recovered. So when you are sick, believe God for your healing, take all the necessary medications and hospital visitation you can afford and you will recover in Jesus name. Don’t just depend on the words of these GOs/pastors/men of God, they know how to take care of themselves and deceive the people, none of them can claim they know better than Prophet Isaiah.

I have some questions for this so-called men of God: Why did Pastor David Oyedepo took his wife, Faith, to hospital overseas when she was sick? Why didn’t he pour a gallon of anointing oil on her and keep her at home? How come Pastor Adeboye visited Faith Oyedepo in her hospital abroad, he should have just told her to pray, get up and go back to Nigeria? Only the poor who do not have the money to go to hospital should pray, while the so-called men/women of God can add hospital visitation to their faith? Let’s think about this……


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