Growth Leaders City: The making of Nigeria’s premier city for leaders

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Growth Leaders City: The making of Nigeria’s premier city for leaders


By the time the novel idea of The Growth Leaders City project currently in the works is completed, it will perhaps turn out to be the first of such in the country.

The vision of the city is to provide an enabling ambience for both corporate and church leaders to converge regularly. It is unlike the various church camps in the country. The Growth Leaders City which is sitting on 34 acres of prime real estate at the Abanla area in Akodu, along Lagos-Ibadan road in Oluyole Local government area of Oyo State is a one-stop shop for leaders in all spheres of human endeavours.

The prime mover of this humungous project, Dr. Francis Bola Akin-John told Church Times that the project has about five years from now to completion.

He explains: “We call it The Growth Leaders City. The idea is to have a specialized camp for leaders. If you’re not in a leadership position either in the church or market place you are not welcome there. It is for retreat, refreshing, renewal, rejuvenation, and revitalization of leaders.”

The entire acre of land has been fully secured and paid for. The perimeter fencing is being done and the approval for the prospective buildings on the site has been secured from the government of Oyo State. The main features of the city include a 10,000 Seater auditorium/conference centre, diverse training rooms, residential chalets, halls of residence, VIP duplexes, Food court and resource centre. The city will also have a library and an e-centre for study and research, prayer rooms and gardens, spa and massage facilities, Sports centre, health centre, security station, shopping arcade and a host of other facilities.

Akin John said he was inspired to come up with the project the first time he travelled to South Africa in 2004. “I saw something like that in South Africa and thought it will be great to have such idea replicated here in Nigeria. The difference with what we are doing is that ours is not a denominational project. We are not a church unlike the one in South Africa which was built by a church.”

The beauty about the project is that like-minded people are welcome to buy into it. “It is our dream, but we are giving opportunity to people who are so interested and who share in the ideals of training of leaders with us to buy into the project. One of the ways to be part of the project is for a church leader or corporate leader to buy a portion of land from the 34 acre already acquired.

“The person buying has to understand that it is a training centre. We are not interested first in the money, but the value. You can’t buy land and not buy into the vision of what the place is meant for. It is meant for leaders retreat. The implication is that a church or an individual that is a leader that is interested in training its workforce and thinking of acquiring a campsite for them may not need to go that length again as such people can acquire land from the vast land we have and build according to the vision, values and plan of TGLC”

The other option according to Dr. Akin-John is the Time Share Investment option. Under this plan an investor can pay a one-time investment amount and own a property in the city for one full month every year for a period of a ten-year tenure. The full month could be spread over the year”

While disclosing that he would be relocating to the Growth City, he emphasized that the city is open to business owners as well as all those who are inclined to training in the church and corporate world.

He explains, “Our goal is that there will be many seminars going on the same time when we are in full operation. It is for the body of Christ. It is a place to bring people for training. It is a place where you can come and there will be resources for you to use in any field of human endeavour. I am ready to partner with people who share the same value.

“By the time the place is ready we are going to rent it out for those who want to use. It is not a place for parties or social events. It is first of its kind centre that is solely dedicated to training. Our concept is about leaders. If any church and organization wants training for their leaders we will provide both people and materials needed for the training if they so desire.  All those who believe in training will have the opportunity to deploy their energy and gifts.”

He stated that there is opportunity for paying in instalment for the two investment options in the city. “The form is currently available in our Lagos office and interested individuals and corporate organisations can begin to make payments for what they want starting from when they pick the form. Our goal is to make the camp ready in 2025”


Interested? Contact The Growth Leaders City contact office; 6/8 Mukadaz Close, Besides Impress Event Centre, Iyana Odo Bus Stop, Isheri-Igando Road, Lagos. Tel: 08029744296, 08034053399, 08056126914, 08033766451, 08141122520


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