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Body: How to handle your body- Olutoyin Adesokan @ youth breakfast meeting

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How to handle your body- Olutoyin Adesokan @ youth breakfast meeting


Toyin Adesokan is the coordinator of D’ Stewards. She gives insight on how best to handle the body in the January meeting of the young people which held at Stephens Hotel, Yaba, Lagos. Below are excerpts from  the forum


Participants at the youth breakfast January meeting held at Stephen Hotel, Yaba, Lagos


Facts about the human body. 

Man is a Spirit, Soul and Body. Body is what is recognized on earth not spirit or soul. Man is recognized by his body.   A body can be described by gender (male or female), complexion (white, dark, brown ), Weight (fat, thin, or average weight. Height (tall or short).

The body is generally believed to be made up of 2 major contents (water 78% and soil or dust). At death the body is left unattended to. It is decomposed returning back to water and dust.

As a result we need to realise that the human body is so delicate being made from two fragile materials (water and dust)

If the body deteriorates to a certain level the spirit can exit from it.

Requirements of one body differs from another. Sleep requirement, calories need and so on. It is therefore necessary not to copy others lifestyle.

 What is the Importance of the body?

You can only relate to others through your body. Your talents and skills can only be manifested through your body. The prosperity you have can only be enjoyed with your body.

What does your body need?

(1) Your body needs you to study and know it very well. What are your allergies, irritations, its reactions to chemicals etc.

(2) Good food (balanced diet), eat according to your gender, there are food, fruits better for males than females) Expensive food is not equal to healthy food. Eat more of organic (natural food and fruits) than inorganic (pizza, sharwama, pastries).

Inorganic food place more demand on your digestive systems than organic food.

(3) Drink fresh alkaline water (not cold water). Stay hydrated.

(4) Your body needs rest. In agriculture, soil is allowed to rest after few years of ploughing. It is called fallowing. Your body is a soil give it rest. Go on vacation at least once a year not necessarily outside the country but at least change your environment. Don’t monetize your annual leave.

(5) Good hygiene. Be clean in and out

(6) You may need supplements and vitamins, it is depleted in your systems. Remember we boost soil with manure and fertilizers.

(7)Your body needs non-toxic environments. Plant a pot of shrub in your room to allow in oxygen and take off CO2.  Watch out that exhaust from generator is not directly facing your rooms. Use of insecticides and room freshener should be reduced to the barest minimum.

(8) Avoid toxic people and toxic behaviours (fighting, bickering, and envying).

(9) Your body needs spiritual fortification. Spiritual activities like fasting has been researched to be beneficial to the body.


Desist from being a workaholic, resist the urge for self-medication and drug abuse, too much of anything is dangerous. Whether food, water, sex, drugs do it moderately.

In conclusion, remember spending too much pampering the outer body (soil) with perfumes, creams and the likes above your spending on the content you feed into your body may not be wise. Your body is dust don’t spend too much on what will decay one day. Minimal investment is good for the outer body.

Lastly, the only one that can keep your body intact after trying *your best* is God the creator of *YOU.* Glorify God in your body.


Olutoyin Adesokan is the Coordinator of D”Stewards, organisers of monthly Youth Breakfast Meeting YBM..

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