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Full text of Evelyn Joshua’s tribute to her husband; Prophet TB Joshua

by Church Times

My 31 years of  journey with my husband-Evelyn Joshua

TBJ the man in the synagogue. That is the name I fondly called him.

Our life was not without trials and tests but as a Christian, I know that trials and tests cannot break the one who relies on God’s strength. You taught me to know that trials and tests are the soil in which our faith flourishes.

Your vision became more clearer to me with time and without distraction. As I watched; I saw you labour with passion; with dedication and passion to grow church members from sitting on a mat to wooden chairs and then to the level we are today to the glory of God.

You have groomed me into the woman I am today. In your word, for gold to become gold it must pass through the fire. I stand here today to say thank you for choosing me, for loving me, for caring for me; nurturing me.

Thank you for being a good father to our children. You were not just a father who merely provides but a father who wants the best and gives the best at all times.

I thank you for shielding our homes from those who came to our house with ulterior motives. And because you will not give in to their desires, they are bent on soiling your noble name. Yet, you were undeterred.

I thank you for being you; TBJ my love. You were unique in every sense.  That is the man who does not understand the word impossible.

Above all, I thank you for spending your life on things that will outlive you. We will keep the fire burning. We will keep your dream alive by God’s grace.

You are the man I love. I was proud of you. I will forever be proud to be your wife. You have made it clear to us all that this is the job you were born for, you were living for and you will die for though you are not dead, I know that.

Evelyn Joshua: I have forever crested you in my heart


But this you did on your last moment on earth. Your passing was so peaceful. I have crested you forever in my heart. But I know that the almighty God has you for His keeping till we meet to part no more. But it is sad that I Evelyn will never be able to see you again physically again.

The children, your spiritual sons, and daughters, the big synagogue family, your loved ones will not see you again physically.

But it is also comforting that you have gone home after service. So, sleep on my love, sleep on God’s general

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