Covid-19: My prescription now the “saviour” drug- Okupe… demands apology from Facebook, NCDC


Dr. Doyin Okupe, an aide to former President Olusegun Obasanjo has said his prescription for the management of victims of covid-19 which was rebuffed last year by the National Centre for Disease Control and Facebook is now being used in some developed nations of the world as one of the standard protocols in the management of the victims of the virus.

Okupe had made several posts last year educating the public on the drugs he took and how he was able to manage the virus when he was attacked. His post drew the ire of both the NCDC and Facebook. He was warned to desist from making such public prescription.

But in a post on his Facebook timeline on Thursday titled, Facebook should apologise to me, Okupe said the criticism he faced for making recommendations for the management of the virus did not deter him from making further investigation and he found out that the drug, IVERMECTIN which he prescribed to people is indeed very effective. He said after using the drug he tested negative of the virus after 48 hours.

He wrote:


After I left isolation Centre last year, I shared my experience and treatment with the public. This was in spite of the fact that at that time some veiled stigma was associated with being infected with COVID-19

The NCDC came out publicly to warn me for discussing my experience especially my treatment publicly. I took everything calmly.

When the second wave came and friends, associates and people, in general, were being killed by Covid-19 at an alarming rate, it became frightening, worrisome and almost perplexing.

I had been aware of the strange but scientifically proven effectiveness of IVERMECTIN. When I was not turning -ve after 19 days in isolation and I was asymptomatic I was given ivermectin and I turned negative in 48hrs.

This prompted me as a doctor to dig deeper and read more about this medicine. I followed and read various researches and studies going on, on ivermectin. Before the second wave hit Nigeria there was an avalanche of clinical evidence that the breakthrough, apart from vaccines in the management of Covid-19, had finally arrived.

When deaths came in droves in the wake of the 2nd wave, and no official statements were coming from anywhere to acquaint the populace at least to explore the option this drug provided, I decided to go public with the conviction I had and wrote on my Facebook page the usefulness and potential of ivermectin to assist and improve survival chances in Covid-19 infection.

I published a document containing prescription for the use of Ivermectin, circulated globally by an international agency called FCCCL AGENCY. I received a warning and threat of sanction from Facebook management describing my publication as offensive and harmful and against communal safety and interest.

For me, it was more important to try every possible thing that improves the chances of survival in the face of this deadly and terrifying global pandemic.

I am trained to forsake all including personal safety and wellbeing to save lives. If Facebook decides to remove my page, so be it. For me, Humanity has been served. And I am vindicated by the fact that today, America, UK and countries in Europe and Australia have all publicly declared the usefulness of ivermectin and it’s being included everywhere in the official protocol list of treatment for covid 19.


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