US-based Nigerian medical doctor responds to Okupe’s claim on covid-19 prescription

adejinle babalola

A US-based Nigerian medical doctor, Adejinle Babalola has called for caution in the way some doctors are prescribing drugs that have not passed through clinical trials for the treatment of covid-19 while also declaring that the National Centre for Disease Control and the Presidential Task Force are reliable sources of information.

Babalola, a Clinical Professor of Surgery at Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, New York and Presiding Apostle of Living Water Kingdom Ministries Inc, was reacting to a recent claim by Dr. Doyin Okupe on the effectiveness of IVERMECTIN in the treatment of covid-19 and that the drug is being used in some developed nations of the world.

He debunked the claim saying documents available to his knowledge have not certified the drug as effective in the treatment of coronavirus.

He counselled that doctors should not be too much in a hurry to prescribe drugs that have not been clinically certified because it may potent danger for the patient.

Adejinle Babalola who is a covid-19 survivor said, “Some people, even doctors, don’t know how to wait for Clinical Trials before they start making claims. I took Tylenol (for pain headache, muscle pain, etc) when I had Covid. I recovered. I should not start saying Tylenol is treatment or cure for Covid. That is a fallacy!”

Adejinle Babalola: Ivermectin not used in developed countries.

Presenting a January 14 report by the National Institute of Health Covid-19 Guideline Treatment Panel to Church Times, Babalola insisted that Ivermectin has not been shown to be effective for the treatment of Covid 19.

The panel, as stated in the document reported that there are insufficient data to recommend either for or against the use of IVERMECTIN for the treatment of covid-19.

While expressing deep respect for Dr Okupe being a professional colleague, he disagrees with his assertion that Ivermectin is a treatment for Covid that makes any difference compared to placebo; which is a neutral substitute like sugar pills that forms a baseline of comparison in a Clinical Trial.

He said it is also not true as claimed by Dr. Okupe that Ivermectin is being used in some developed countries.

His words, “It is also not true that developed countries are using Ivermectin for the treatment of Covid. In actual fact, the NIH recommended against the use of Ivermectin based on Clinical Trial that did not show any benefit in Covid patients in a Randomized Clinical Trial, the gold standard in Medicine. The Clinical Trial shows Ivermectin has no benefit for patients in a comparison group of patients that were given placebo.”

Babalola then recommended that  “Nigerians should continue to adhere strictly to wearing masks to cover their nose and mouth, Social Distancing of 6 feet apart, and washing of hands with soap and water. The National Centre for Disease Control and the Presidential Task Force are reliable sources of information for our fellow citizens.”

He said also that some of the medications that have been shown to make a difference in Covid, that are being used for treatment are Remdesivir, Dexamethasone, specific Monoclonal Antibodies medications, and now Covid Vaccines.

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