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Bose Adekunle

Why I abandoned microbiology for gospel music-Bose Adekunle

by Church Times

Her voice is soothing and graceful. For Bose  Adekunle, singing comes naturally. Though she studied microbiology; the music ministry for her is a priority. She has been doing that right from her childhood.

Born to a Christ Apostolic Church father she said she received the conviction to go all-out singing gospel songs as a result of signs she saw as confirmed by some men of God.

“God called me into gospel music, I didn’t call myself; God always gives me songs that are revelations and timely to meet His people’s needs,” she said adding that music is a powerful tool in the hands of God.

“He communicates his mind to us through songs. That is why songs should not be taken with levity. The ministry of singing is a serious one. People experience transformation when they hear good soul-lifting music. I believe music ministers play a strategic role in the lives of people,” she noted.

She has released many albums including I’m grateful which is the sixth of all her albums. Other albums to her credit include His Mercy, Aso Ogo mi, and a host of others.

She however confessed that the gospel music industry is challenging saying it becomes more challenging if one does not have a guiding vision and support.

“If you know how to sing but you don’t have a clear-cut vision about what you want to achieve and a clear-cut goal about the music path you want to follow, you will end up being a signpost.” She admonished.

Adekunle reasons further that the music minister must spend time in the place of prayer asking God for inspiration and for support. “We need sponsors. It is capital intensive. The more delay we experience in receiving our lifting, the more frustrating it could be. But the grace of God is always sufficient. We need a lot of prayers and mercy.”

She recalled a nightmarish experience in 2013. “I did one album in 2013 and it was as if the road had closed for me because there was no encouragement. But his mercy prevailed. By 2018 we came up again and since then God has been faithful”

Bose Adekunle says Sinach, Nathaniel Bassey, and a host of other music ministers have been huge inspirations pointing out however that they have also gone through their rough period.

“We are inspired by their music and the fact that they are doing well. We only pray for them while we also get inspiration to fulfill our call.”

While noting that music ministers in some other climes are seen as social engineers that help in defining and shaping the moral lives of people she said, “I hope one day we will get to that point in Nigeria where Nigeria will see the value of people who sing songs to help shape the morality of people in the country. I also believe as one is blessed in the ministry one would be able to help the less privileged.”

For now, she revealed that she has been solely supported by her husband and a few interested individuals who have been blessed by her music. “My husband, Pastor Sunday Adekunle have been the one supporting me. I also get support from a number of other people who have been blessed through my ministration.  We have a lot of albums that we want to push out. We are praying for sponsors so we can find the ministry easier”

While speaking on her new album entitled ‘I am grateful’ (Mo Moore), Adekunle explained that it was done to express gratitude to God for the success of the previous five albums.

She further explained that the album is to intimate people that gratitude is indispensable as it is an attitude of victors.

“The reason for that title is that we have done five albums in the past, so God laid it in our hearts to use this album to show gratitude to Him. It is also to let people know the reasons why they have to be grateful because gratitude is an attitude of victors. If one is not grateful, then one is a great fool. A lot has happened, but it is by the mercies of the Lord we are not consumed,” she said.

The album ‘I am grateful’ is a ten-track album with songs like ‘Yiotura’, ‘Uncommon Testimony’, ‘I am grateful’, ‘Grace’, ‘Mimo Mimo’, and ‘Prince of Peace.’

Bose Adekunle could be reached on +234 706 475 6080

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