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Wale Oke

Wale Oke, most brilliant of charismatic fathers of faith in Nigeria-Sunday Adelaja

by Church Times

Ukraine-based Nigerian pastor; Sunday Adelaja has described Bishop Wale Oke as the most brilliant of the charismatic fathers of faith recalling how he was a tremendous help to him in Ukraine.

Bishop Oke was recently appointed the National President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria.

Adelaja in a congratulatory message on his Facebook page on March 5, said he found it necessary to congratulate Bishop Oke on his appointment as the PFN president despite not being in agreement with him and the Church in Nigeria on some doctrinal issues.

He said, “I have to congratulate this man Bishop Francis Wale Oke. Despite my disagreements with the top leadership of the Nigerian Church and some wrong doctrines associated with him in particular, he still deserves my warm and hearty congratulations.

Bishop Wale Oke

Pastor Sunday Adelaja

“Bishop Wale Oke I believe is the most brilliant of the so-called charismatic fathers of faith in Nigeria. I learnt a lot from him. He showed himself to me as a selfless kingdom warrior. He personally opened numerous doors for me in Nigerian Christendom. He is a good man no flattery.

“He has been with me here in Ukraine a number of times, he indeed was like a father to me in a lot of ways.”

He said most of his criticism of the Church in Africa are what he had shared with Bishop Oke privately. “Things you hear me talk about publicly now in my videos I had personally expressed to him privately. So those who say I shouldn’t be speaking out should be aware of this fact. I believe I’m following the injunction of the scriptures by talking publicly after haven spoken to a brother personally,” he said.

Bishop Wale Oke has capacity

Bishop Wale Oke

While congratulating Bishop Wale Oke on his election as the new President of the PFN he said, “If there is anyone who has the capacity to use this position effectively it is Bishop Wale Oke.”

He however wondered if he would be able to do what he should do saying “his allegiance to the cabal of church fathers supersedes his allegiance to the truth. It used to be otherwise..”

He then prayed for him to “succeed in bringing back the Nigerian church to the true gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

He also appealed to “all people of goodwill everywhere to pray for him to be used as an instrument of reformation in Nigeria.”


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