Alex Bamgbola was a practical Christian, hospitable-Lagos PFN  

by Church Times

The Lagos Chapter of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria has described its former Chairman, Apostle Alex Bamgbola as a practical Christian who lived for humanity during his lifetime.

 Apostle Bamgbola passed on in the US after a brief illness on Monday, January 31 2023 according to the family. He was 77 years old.

 Apostle Bamgbola was a former Chairman of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria PFN, Lagos State from 2010 – 2014.

 He was also the State Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN. He was the one who handed over to Bishop Stephen Adegbite after completing a six-year tenure.

 The statement reads, “In his lifetime the man of God was known for his practical Christian ethics, love for God and the brethren.

“He was a good man, given to hospitality, full of the Holy Ghost, wisdom, and faith. A bridge builder across ethnic and racial divides, which has endeared him to many. Apostle Alex Bamgbola came, ran his race, finished the course, and fulfilled his ministry.

 “His impact on those who came in contact with him is still speaking and will continue to speak in posterity.”

Apostle Bamgbola played active roles in the church since the 90s. He was next in line to the celebrated Pastor Gabriel Oduyemi, founder of Bethel Ministries known as Wonder City. He moved on later to start a fresh work, Zion The City of the Lord Ministries from where he was appointed the Chairman of the Lagos Chapter of PFN and then CAN.

Beyond the church, Apostle Bamgbola was one of the leading bankers in Nigeria in the early 80s. He came back to Nigeria from the US in 1979 as an expatriate and was Managing Director of the then Nigeria-America Merchant Bank.

Bamgbola’s conversion was dramatic. He shared how he came to know Jesus and his involvement in the occult. He once told Church Times, ” But when the Lord touched me, it took a whole pick-up load of juju and my official car then, laurel to throw all the juju I had acquired into the lagoon. The testimony of my conversion was all over the place because I was active in the Full Gospel Business Men Fellowship and the Lord brought many people out of the occult through the testimony. Many women come to me today to say God used the testimony to save their marriage.”

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