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Africa’s occult foundation and Derek Prince’s message from his heaven encounter

by Church Times

By Isaac Ezeh

Finally, the third foundation that must be laid for those who want to live a victorious Christian life is a proper disconnection from the foundation of the father’s house and an engrafting in the foundation of Christ.
The Lord has taught and shown me that those of us, especially Africans, must be prepared to pay the price to be properly disconnected from the idolatrous foundation of our father’s house before we can follow the Lord.
African traditions are deep in idolatry. Nimrod, the first African monarch paid a price to pass idolatry through our veins. Take traditional institutions for example. Many thrones we revere in African culture are rooted in Nimrod.
For example, the throne of the Ooni of Ife has its strength in being connected to Nimrod or Lamurudu; the same with the Oba of Benin, the Obi of Onitsha, and others. We are baptized into idolatry through marriage ceremonies, naming ceremonies, and religious practices like infant baptism and naming. If this is not dealt with, it will wait for us at critical times and disrupt our walk with God. In obtaining lasting victory over the foundation of our father’s house, four things are critical:
The Altar that speaks over you. Who is the man of God over you? Is he self-appointed or God-appointed?
The covenants you have. No one can have permanent victory over the father’s foundation apart from the covenant. Your father covenanted you to Satan through several rites and practices and it will take the same process for the Lord to untangle you.
Deliverance ministration. This includes ministry by a man of God, and those obtained directly from the Lord as you wait before Him.
Separation: In some situations, God may require you to separate totally from even your family for a season before He can deal with your issues (See Matt.10:37). If you are not prepared to pay this price, then you are not yet prepared to have full deliverance and victory.
You may profit from this season
We are in the season of Issachar when it will pay to walk in wisdom and understanding. It is a time to build and lay proper foundations by the wisdom and ordination of God following His seasons and timings.

 My Recommendation

Read the Book of Hebrews again paying attention to Heb.5:12-6:2.
Pray especially in the night season between 12 midnight and 3 am. Spend at least an hour waiting before the Lord in silence and quietness during this period.
Pray these scriptures in Eph.1:17-23; Eph.3:14-21 and col.1:9-10.
“We will also be praying that the Lord will lay a new foundation for you in Christ and bring you into freedom and dominion.”
“We are in the season of Issachar when it will pay to walk in wisdom and understanding. It is a time to build and lay proper foundations by the wisdom and ordination of God following His seasons and timings.”

Our Role Model

In the Book of Isaiah, the Lord admonishes us to follow the example of Abraham and model our lives around his if we are to have a victorious Christian life.
“Hearken to me, ye that follow after righteousness, ye that seek the LORD: look unto the rock whence ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit whence ye are digged.  Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that bare you: for I called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him.”  (Isaiah.51:1-2). I have done some studies in this area and come to the conclusion that Abraham’s life was grounded around seven pillars:
We should find practical ways of integrating these tenets into our Christian life.
On the issue of covenants, the Lord has shown me eight covenants that we must cut if we are serious about maturing in our Priesthood. I am not saying that they are only one, rather I am saying that depending on the nature of our calling and assignments, the Lord will lead us into various covenants. God will NEVER commit Himself to anyone unless the person is prepared to also be committed to Him. In fact, covenants are the only way through which God enters a permanent relationship with man.

The eight covenants the Lord has personally revealed to me are:

Covenant of the New Birth (Matt.16:26-29, Jer.31:31-34).
Covenant of Service (Bond Servant) – Ex.21:1-6, Jn.21:15-19.
Covenant of Integrity – Ps.26; Ex.23:1-33.
Covenant of Inheritance – Josh 24:15-23, 27.
Covenant of Stewardship – Ps.50:5-8; Matt.6:19-24.
Covenant of Self Abandonment (life). This is a commitment unto death – Rv.12:10-11; Lk.9:22-27.
Covenant of Sonship – Ps.2:7
Covenant of Kingship – Pr.31:1-9
Are we prepared to move further in our walk with the Lord? Then we must be willing to be drawn into covenants with Him. There is no other way!


On the evening before Passover precisely on April 9, 2017, I had an experience where I was taken to heaven. I arrived at an oval-shaped auditorium where a meeting was scheduled to take place at a time that corresponded with 12-noon earthly time. We arrived there at 11:57 am.
In the front row was a section tagged African section. On the seat, I could recognize Bro. Ayodele Babalola, the Apostle, Pa Elton, the Apostle to Nigeria and Africa. I saw the Gentle English man and influential Bible Teacher walk in and briefly greeted these two Apostles before mounting the rostrum at exactly 12 noon earthly time and started speaking. His topic was that Africa’s time had come.
He quoted copiously from scripture going from Genesis through Revelation but as he was speaking messages for Africa were written in my heart which I typed in the golden laptop that was given to me. I was given what looked like a laptop that had divine intelligence and asked to record what he had to say and publish it to Africa as I would be directed. I am still processing some of the things I heard but I feel led to share these eight things now, having also shared them at our just concluded retreat.

 8 Things Derek Prince said about Africa and Nigeria

Derek Prince was called an Apostle for Africa and the United States. He had a message for Africa, but because Africa was not ready for the message he focused on America because he had to redeem the time. The time is now ripe for Africa to receive that message to enable it to complete its assignment of being the last leg of the gospel marathon before the Lord’s return
Africa was the subject of an ancient occult conspiracy. That conspiracy had a legal foundation in the transaction that Nimrod, an African and first monarch, and kingdom builder did to exchange Africa’s glory for fake worship. For this reason, all cults on earth derive their origin from the worship of Nimrod who became a son to Satan through the mystery of iniquity.
Because of this transaction, Africa’s waters are polluted as colonies of fallen angels took residence in these waters (See Nah.2:6-7; Nah.3:4). There is an imperative on Africa to have a matured Priesthood that is able to deal with the many Pharaohs that have been raised through this mystery of Nimrod.
Nimrod temporarily traded the glory of Africa for the fading opulence of the present age whose prince is Satan. The present world system can never favour Africa. Africa must look up to Me for systems from My Throne that will drive the next age. Africa must look up to Me for good science to replace the bad science controlled by the occult. (Examples of this bad science are Food Technology, Agriculture, and the Pharmaceutical Industry which have become a merchant of death).
Africa’s only hope to prevail is for the Priesthood to return to the true word of God. This is the only basis for their blessing. This will also mean going back to scripture with an open mind so that we can receive a revelation of some truths that have been obscured by religion.
Africa should return to the pure form of agriculture that God gave them (See Gen.1:29). Africa is the Lord’s garden. There is an attempt to pollute that garden by the occult and new age groups and our compromised and inexperienced governments are making it easy for them.
The darkness in Africa that translates to the inability to solve the power problem in spite of enormous resources is deliberate. Africa can profit if it pursues solar technology as a means of resolving the perennial power problem. Help will not come from the West.
The Lord is rearing again the garden of the East. It is for the profiting of the Nigerian nation and those who oppose it do not have light. Pray that light will flood their heart.
Derek pointed the messenger to what he called the tectonic lines that dictate end-time occult events followed by the New Age movement and other occult groups. Map of this ancient tectonic line is attached.

This is what Derek Prince said to the Messenger

The pattern of heaven was distorted by Nimrod during the scramble for Africa. He sold African leadership in knowledge and technology and exchanged it for vain and deceitful worship and distorted the golden wisdom and leadership originally given to Africa.
The knowledge became distorted bringing about death and darkness that resulted in the Pyramids that now empower occultism in the world and which is now domiciled in the West chiefly America, in a tectonic line that starts from San Francisco in the USA, goes through several cities namely, Colorado, Tulsa, Little Rock Arkansas (source of Bill and Hilary’s demonic mantle), Colombia, goes across the Atlantic through Morocco, Libya (Ghadaffi’s mantle) up to Egypt.
It goes downward from Egypt and passes through Chad and Niger and enters Nigeria. In Nigeria, it passes through kano (Demonic mantle), Zaria, Ogbomosho, and then Lagos, Unilag area confluence.  From there it goes up again in a triangular formation to Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Guinea and goes upward through the Bahamas, enters America again through New Orleans, Texas, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and California, and terminates at the same point of origin in San Francisco.
In view, this Tectonic line looks like a hawk which is the principle followed in inventing the Toma Hawk cruise missile of the Americans.”
 These are the TECTONIC LINES THAT DICTATE ENDTIME OCCULT EVENTS. This is followed by the New Age Movement and other such movements. This tectonic line played out in the Clash between Trump and Clinton.
 If only you know the extent of hell’s involvement in the last American election that nearly threw up a continental witch as President of the most influential nation on earth today.
Received @ 12. 44 pm Earthly Time, during Derek’s Address. Venue on Earth: Revival Altar, 9-4-17.
There is a need to pray about this and seek the Lord further because He has secrets to share now with his sons from Africa. The season for Africa has come upon us.
It will require a dedicated Priesthood to untangle the continents from the clutches of Satan. God is set to do this now but he is looking for willing vessels. Are you prepared to be counted among this number?


Merciful Father, I believe your word that has come to me through this series. I believe that when you saved me, your purpose was to take me from being a child to a son who will be useful to you in the world. I have dwelt a long time on your cross and the benefits it brought to me as an individual. Now, precious Father, I want to move on. Show me my own cross, enable me to carry it, and follow you so that through that process I can become your son on whose shoulder you can place your government. I want to be used by you in this end-time and I am prepared with you helping me to pay the price that I may be a tool in your hand that you can deploy for purposes profitable to you. I ask you this in the name of Yahushua Ha-Mashiach. Amen.

Culled from Gospel of the Kingdom by Isaac Ezeh. The book was published in 2018.  Bro Ezeh is the President of  Revival Altar, Lagos.

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