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Temitope Fadare is the son of a pastor of the Living Faith Church otherwise known as Winners Chapel. As at the time the interview was conducted he was a Master of Science student of Human Resources at the Bells University of Technology. He had his first degree in Economics at the Covenant University.  In this interview with Ayomikun Akindayo he relives his experience as son of a pastor

How did you become a Pastors child and when?

My dad was ordained a Pastor about 6 years ago by the Living Faith Church.

What has been your experience since your father became a pastor?

Well there is this added attention as a pastor’s child and some sort of responsibility. The worship session, prayer session, Bible readings are things you have to be part of. Sometimes one is called to even preach. Naturally you are expected to be a replica of your father. Since I didn’t grow up seeing my dad as a pastor; his becoming one brought some changes in the family. But I continue to see him as the same person. He did not wear another toga so to say. It’s just that he has another responsibility being a pastor.

Were you always given a role to play in the church as a pastor’s child?

I’m asked to take up any role during service; from testimony to prayer. So I had to be always prepared.

Did you like the experience of leading prayer?

It was cool the few times I did. The fact that you are leading people gives you some sense of responsibility. It’s actually a nice experience. You have to be eloquent. You won’t want to disgrace your father in public and more importantly you don’t want to fail God. So such assignment makes you always prepared.


What’s your perception about the church?

The church should be a solution ground for people. The fact that the church is big makes it hard to cater for individual challenges. People hardly go for mid-week services to hear what a young pastor would say. They only go on Sunday to hear what the Bishop would say. They have less regard for Bible study times and prayers during the week. This is not too good.


But how has the Sunday experience affected you especially with the 6.30am service?

It wasn’t funny at all initially. We had to be up by 4am.  Even if service is for 5am. People would be in church. So we didn’t have any excuse not to get to church in time.

How about the morning devotion in your Home?

Morning devotion was not always easy. By 5am we are up for it. And dad does the preaching.

Do you think that helped you spiritually?

Everyone has his own life to live. Some people still divert from what they were taught. But the morning devotion has been extremely good for me.  But I have seen instances of people who still leave the fold even after all the devotions. I think it is more about personal conviction.

What has been your greatest challenge as a pastor’s child?

I think it is the undue attention I am forced to pay on my comportment. People have a lot of expectations from me. I couldn’t say some things or do some things. I wasn’t free initially. But the bottom line is that you have to be a leader. You have to be a creative person. You have to be a driver. You have to be everything; a counselor and all you can think of. Being a pastor’s child is a privilege.

 Would you rather not be a Pastors child?

As I said it has not affected my life negatively. It has been a great experience.

Did your parents make scathing remarks about you being a pastor’s child like telling you to live up to that billing?

 They were very strict. My dad was always firm. He talks to you to a breaking point. My mum also didn’t spare the rod.

Let’s talk about your work life. How was it being the PA to a VC?


That was one of the most difficult and interesting part of my life. I had to be responsible for a lot of things. You get to interact with big people. And you have to be on your toes all the time. It was tasking. I worked odd hours. But I learnt a whole lot of things.


How many years did you work with him?

It wasn’t up to a year just about 6-8 months.


Did your experience as a pastor’s child help your stay in Covenant University?

Yes definitely. People say CU is strict but I didn’t have any problem. I was like a fish in water. I was basically swimming. I was already used to being obedient. They said four years no phone, no jeans, no party. I obeyed all the don’ts. I think that also made me conform to my dad’s stern warning. He had said to me that if they sent me out, I should forget education. That was enough to take me through the four years.


Would you see yourself becoming a pastor very soon?

Pastor? Not at all. It’s a serious job. People called me Pastor in the past and I told them I have not been given vision. Bishop Oyedepo had 24 hours vision. Mine must be 48 if God is going to call me to pastor

Are you born again?

Yes. I got born again in my secondary school.

What changed in your life after that born again experience?

Right from the time of being conscious of life you know what is good and what is bad.  But being born again helps you to know God intimately and on a personal note. That changes everything about you.


Why then do you think young people are not really interested in God these days?


When I was in school once the pastor is up to start preaching we just switched off. But later he appealed to the youthful side of us. I think it’s important we start with what youths are interested in… Music dance drama and comedy. There are people that can do that in the church. Let us encourage them in these areas while also pointing them to God. We can also help them by nurturing their talents.


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We must buy their CDs and encourage them financially. Bless them. Encourage the congregation to bless them. When you call them to sing encourage them not just a clap offering. Messages of Christian values should be encouraged. There should be heart to heart talks. There should also be talks on Christian relationship and sex. If you don’t talk about these things young people will not be interested in church. If you talk about faith or righteousness without bringing it to their level they will easily get bored.


Do you have your own ministry?

No. But I would love to serve. It’s only when you serve God’s interest that God would serve yours. I would love to join Protocol Unit of the Church.


Would you like to run away from Nigeria?

No. I am not part of those that say negative things about Nigeria. Nigeria is a great place we are not where we should be but we will get there.


What role do you think pastors children should play in the country?

Pastors’ children should keep on having integrity. They should keep on being positive. Nation building is not a joke. If our government improves every other thing would naturally fall into place. Education would be better. Electricity would be affected. Everything would be better. The quality of government we have determines everything.


Nigerian is a religious country still we are classified as one of the most corrupt countries in the world. What do you think can be done to change this perception?

We deceive ourselves a lot in Nigeria. When people are going to church they behave normally. They make sure they participate in all the activities in the church. You would think they love God since they care about church activities. Once they are done with the service as they come outside the gate you would hear: You are mad, you are stupid. The same people that took blessings some 5-7 minutes ago are using that same mouth to curse. Sometimes I feel this “you are blessed my brother” stuff that people mutter is hypocritical. In fact pastors too exhibit a lot of hypocrisy. There are all sorts of people in church who don’t know God at all.

If we follow what we are taught in the church and we don’t just follow dogged religious fanaticism; Nigeria would be a great nation. But when so called believers and leaders are the fathers of corruption then it’s only God that can help us.


What is your final word for other Pastors kids?

If you have any issues please seek guidance. Please talk about your problems with other trusted people. And pray hard.


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