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“Why the Church should pray for Vice President Kashim Shetima”

by Church Times

By Okeola Adekumola

Founder and Senior Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church, Warriors for Christ Mission, Fagba, Lagos, Prophet Solomon Ajao, has said Vice President, Kashim Shetima, is a good complement to the government of President Tinubu urging Christians to pray for him.

He made the submission while speaking with Church Times on some of the visions the Lord revealed to him about the nation during a recent retreat.

While noting that many Christians are still aggrieved about the  Muslim/Muslim ticket, he said, “From what the Lord made me realise, we have to pray especially for the Vice President.

“What Nigerians need now is to pray for divine intervention for God to help the VP accomplish that which God wants him to do. He is a man with a big heart and sympathetic to people’s suffering.”

Ajao equally urged all Christian bodies including the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, to organize three-day fasting and prayer for the country

Prophet Ajao

Why Shetima?

“I know many people will be wondering why I’m particular about Vice President Shettima. If the Lord shows you a vision you must say it, and if you say something He has not sent you, there is punishment for that also.

“I have no doubt many Christians are still aggrieved about the Muslim/Muslim tickets, this has prevented many from seeing the good side of this administration. Let us leave sentiments and pray to God to show his mercy on the nation. If God had not selected both Tinubu and his Vice Shetimma, they would not have been declared winners of the 2023 general election. I believe, according to what God showed me, this administration will rebuild the country. We just need to be prayerful and patient”, he said.

Speaking further on Shettima, Ajao said, “Shettima is a good man with a good heart. He has a good plan for the country. He can displease himself to please people. I have not met him personally before and I don’t even think it will be possible for us to meet. But what the Holy Spirit revealed about him is beyond the perception of people about him.

Boko Haram

“I have heard and read a lot of criticism about him, he was even alleged to have a long history of romance with Boko Haram, I don’t think anyone has evidence to substantiate the story. If he actually had any connection with the insurgency, I think it should be in the past, because it was what I saw about him spiritually that prompted the call on the citizens, especially the Christians to jointly pray for this administration, adding Shettima will be a catalyst for Tinubu achievement.”

Ajao explained that the Vice president has even shown his good heart when he said nobody should place an advert for his birthday he marked recently, “We can, for instance, see that during Shettima’s birthday, he openly declared that he did not want anyone to post sponsored advert for him because of the current economic situation. It was an indication of his concern for Nigerians”.

Shetima and Tinubu

He, however, said, the Vice President may clash with his principal on some decision he will take without the consent of President Tinubu, saying, “There will be a strain in their relationship. It will be like the former President Obasanjo and Atiku’s tenure. Shettima will take some steps that will not go well with Tinubu. This may also have an adverse effect on the country. We still need to pray against this incident.”

He added, “We need to pray for Nigeria and Nigerians for divine intervention. Devil has taken over the affairs of the nation both at the Federal and local levels. Nobody seems to understand what is going on in the country. Even when you see vision it will look like a thought. Sometimes we are confused about the news we hear. What you hear in the morning will be contradictory to the evening news. So, we need God to restore this country.”

Shetima as president

Asked if God has shown him about Shettima becoming the president in the future, he said, “God did not specifically reveal that to me.  But from the look of things, he has all it takes to become president; it happened during the Umar Ya’ardu/ Goodluck Jonathan period, however, nobody prays for such circumstances. We never prayed for bad things. If God has predestined anything it cannot be changed. God’s plans and thoughts are unchangeable.”

“Shettima will do some things that will make people believe he will do better when he gets to the number one position. But his time might have gone then because people are in queue”, he asserted

Fuel subsidy

On fuel subsidy removal, Ajao said President Bola Tinubu should not have mentioned its removal in his inaugural speech. He said if he had not pronounced it,  people may have been facing hardship without being aware of what was going on, “he should have ensured the refineries were brought back to life before taking such a decision.

“President Bola Tinubu should also have made provisions on how to mitigate the hardship such a decision would induce. Now the palliatives are like a scam,” he opined.

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