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“Why Oral Sex has grave health implication”    

by Church Times

A natural medicine expert Dr. Mrs. Huldah Erumaka has expressed disgust at couples who engage in Oral sex while also noting that the act has grave health implications.

 Mrs Erumaka who is the wife of Bishop Humphrey Erumaka, founder of Word Base Assembly made the submission during a session monitored online by Church Times.

 Oral sex, sometimes referred to as oral intercourse, is sexual activity involving the stimulation of the genitalia of a person by another person using the mouth (including the lips, tongue, or teeth) and the throat.

 But Mrs Erumaka insists that the mouth is not supposed to be used for sex adding that those who practice it, risk having diseases that are resistant to treatment.

 She said, “Oral sex is not healthy. When God put a boundary on something, we should not go beyond the boundary.  There is a bacteria called flora. Flora are natural bacteria that God has put in certain places like the vagina to defend the body from the bacteria that are coming from outside.

 “So when a man uses his mouth on a woman’s vagina, and later goes ahead to kiss the woman, he may be transferring the bacteria into other parts of the woman’s body where the bacteria is not supposed to be. That is why some have infections that resist treatment because the bacteria is in the wrong place.”

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 She said some people end up abusing antibiotics because of such infections adding that antibiotics are not supposed to be used for more than five days consecutively. “if you do, you will be killing your body gradually”

 Mrs. Erumaka wondered why Christians allow the world system to set standards for them. “If you want to worship God, you must respect those barriers that God put in place. Don’t go there. It is called covetousness. It is not only when people steal that they are covetous.

 “Sex is one of the ways we live in covetousness and it is when we are involved in oral sex. Oral sex is when you put your mouth on your husband’s penis and the man tells you that is the only way he enjoys sex. God did not make the penis for the mouth.” she warned.


 In the course of her message, she also talked about Staphylococcus

 According to her,  Staphylococcus is not sexually transmitted. “It is our environment that causes it. The way you live, handle your underwear and your toilet and the environment will bring about staphylococcus.

 “You are supposed to cover the toilet seat after using it before you flush because bacteria in human waste can travel as far as the ceiling, they are looking for where to perch because they are living organisms. That is how Staph is transmitted. It perches on our under-wears that may be spread in the toilet and thereby affect us when we wear them”

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