TACN seminary film group launches The King’s Messenger

by Church Times

The Film Productions Group of The Apostolic Church Nigeria LAWNA Theological Seminary, Ayegbaju, Ilesa, Osun State has launched a new movie titled, The King’s Messenger

The movie which was coordinated by the Seminary’s Bursar, Pastor Michael Asegiemhe was launched at an impressive ceremony on November 2 in the college’s chapel

Asegiemhe who spoke at the launch, said, the movie is mainly gospel-focused. “It deals with our service to God and how we should be fully responsible to him”.

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The Writer and Producer of the movie, Pastor Theophilus Olajiga , who also spoke at the event said the aim of the movie is to inspire students to be focused and do what is right at the right time.

“We are messengers and messengers should do whatever he has been sent to do, period. You should face that squarely, as all other things should come later. Money will come, if you do the right thing, money will come because the person who sent you will make provision for the vision” ” he said.

Pastor Olajiga, also enjoined students to avoid getting themselves into trouble by refusing to do things which they are supposed to do, just as the king’s messenger got himself involved in trouble and was pleading for mercy.

Also, speaking on the lesson behind forgiveness, Pastor Olajiga, said: “One can be forgiven of one’s sins, but you may eventually not be in the position God wants you to be. If you have involved yourself in atrocities and you’re caught, if you want to come back, God might forgive you, but God might have replaced you with another person”.

Those interested in the movie are advised to contact the  Apostolic Church Nigeria LAWNA Theological Seminary, Ayegbaju, Ilesa, Osun State and The Apostolic Church Nigeria LAWNA, Territory Headquarters, Olorunda-Ketu, Lagos State, and All Area Headquarters of the church globally.

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