Pastor Adeyemi on leadership

What I will do if I were president of Nigeria-Sam Adeyemi

by Church Times

Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre Pastor Sam Adeyemi has said the first thing he would give priority if he were Nigeria’s president or governor of any of the states is regular communication of his vision to the people.

Adeyemi made this known on Channels Television while talking about the leadership conundrum.

In the forum monitored online on Monday, September 25 by Church Times, Adeyemi said the first critical thing about a leader is his vision.

He said vision is at the heart of leadership adding however that there is a need to communicate the vision regularly to the people.

“Vision is at the heart of leadership. If you take vision out of a leader there is nothing left. Vision is about moving people from point A to point B. If there is no movement, if there is no improvement there is no leadership. And the thing that you sell, that makes people want to go with you, you communicate.”

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He stated that leadership happens at all levels, “Once we abdicate that responsibility for being leaders we keep empowering people that have power already. And if they are not willing to change anything we all get stuck.”

The Daystar founder said he has envisioned what Nigeria would be in the last two decades. “I became so convinced that in our office we took pictures of streets in developed countries, and did some editing. We took out the names of the streets and put the names of our own streets in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria. Those pictures look like what Nigeria will be in the future.”

Now that there is social media, he said,  “Nigerians have the capacity to be their own radio and their own television. People should speak up. If I were a governor, I would address the people every Sunday or Monday. It may be five minutes but I will sell the idea of a new Nigeria.

He called on Nigerians to begin to see a new Nigeria and begin to apply their lives to that new Nigeria.

Adeyemi said, “I studied engineering. When you want to construct a house you have a picture of the house you want and then you tell the architect to draw it out. But before you draw the plan, you identify your needs. What do Nigerians need? We are different, we are diverse. We need to accommodate everybody’s interest in the building of a Nigeria.”


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