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My experience when I preached against tithe- Rev. Sam Adeyemi

by Church Times

My experience when I preached against tithe- Sam Adeyemi


Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Pastor Sam Adeyemi has disclosed how some of his church members came to put pressure on him to rescind his message against tithe for fear that the church income may drop.


In a recent message which was monitored online by our reporter, Adeyemi said when the tithe controversy came up about two years ago, he took his time to research into the matter and came to the conclusion that the believer can’t be under any curse for not paying tithe; but that people should be free to give what they have purposed in their heart and should not be put under any form of duress.


Pastor Sam Adeyemi


While stressing that his calling is a very delicate one, he said. “I speak today out of deep vision because God spoke to me. And I am empowered. I am not called to amass wealth but I am called to empower people to get it. It is a sensitive calling because when you have that kind of calling mammon will run after you. You will tie your self-worth to your net-worth. Any sign that income will go down you will become jittery and begin to manipulate.


“Two years ago when this issue of tithe came up, I researched and checked my findings with my theology teacher because I have a theology teacher. We prayed and researched together from the Bible. We came to that conclusion that a non-tither is not under a curse. I came and taught the message. And told the church that they were not under a curse if they do not pay tithe.


“But as soon as I preached that message some of our members came to me and said that message would put the church into trouble. And they said to me that some people will not give again because of the message. Some of them have given sacrificially before and gotten breakthrough felt such message would make people to become lackadaisical about giving. And they will not give again. They said to me that the message will affect the income of the church and that people will suffer.


“I told them I will rather they don’t give than they give under threat. I said I want people to operate under freedom. But that I will not come under the temptation of lying to the people. It is a sensitive calling.  It is better that the church income drops than for me to keep manipulating people. I have checked the Bible and I have found that a non-thither can’t be under a curse. We are no longer under the law but under grace. If we obey one of the laws then we must be ready to obey the others. Paul the Apostle in the book of Galatia made us to understand that if we are under the law we are operating under a curse.”


He said further, “God has raised billionaires in this church. Somebody came to me some few years ago and he shared some things with me. When he was going, he gave me some money and I was shocked to see the amount. I called him back and said, oga what is this? He said to me he was not prepared to see me that day that what he gave me was nothing. For me it was a lot of money. Nobody had given me that kind of money before. The man who was in his 30s said he I should give him appointment that he would come and share his testimony with me. He came back and he said to me that up till four years ago he was coming to church on okada but as at the time he came to me, his business was having a turnover of billions every month.”


Adeyemi then said there are so many of such people in his church declaring that God is going to raise more billionaires in the church. He however stressed that people should not allow the power of mammon to overcome them.

Many Nigerians however appraised Adeyemi’s message. Some applauded his courage for coming out to say people should not be manipulated to pay tithe while some remain stuck in what they believe about tithe.


A respondent, Elijah Abiodun says, “I am a doer of the word of God raw as Holy Spirit enables me and my blessing is following. No pastor makes it compulsory it for me. I am a blessed tither.”


SY Latinwo appreciates Adeyemi’s position saying, “Thank you sir. Giving out of fear is unacceptable to God. You have to give because you want to give. It’s important to teach people so they understand why they should give. We are members of the Body of Christ, giving to the church is basically giving to yourself, kingdom affairs are your affairs… with proper understanding, I honestly believe people will give even more than 10% and it wouldn’t be out of fear or manipulation. It’s also important to find a church you believe and support the vision. A good Bible teaching church. Most importantly, we must all study the Bible for ourselves”


Another, Oga Victor says, “It is funny that preachers who condemned tithes simply because it is in the old testament are still regularly reading and strongly believing Genesis, Deut., Isaiah etc. which are also in the old testament. They are all mere theological students and spirit filled pastors. Please repent. Re-examine your calling if it was actually from God or from yourself.”


Chris Brown Bimba writes in response to the message, “I made my research and stopped paying Tithe but I give to the Church cheerfully and bountifully because it’s our responsibility to finance God’s business. Tithe was a financial system to sustain those taking charge of God’s business. Abraham did not give a tenth out of a command. But Moses commanded the Children to bring a tenth of their increase to the Levites for sustenance since they did not obtain any inheritance.  Any financial transaction in this era or dispensation in Church has to be voluntary, Cheerful, according to your ability, it’s not a command but an advice.”


Another commentator Chinyere okoro  says, “A word or let me say a sentence; don’t put fear into people to make them do something. If you do you are at the same time forcing them to do what they are not capable of doing. Whether tithe, seed offering, donations and so on let them come from deep down ones heart because it’s better to give with joy than giving with fear, grudges. It is better you don’t give at all. It is as good as giving nothing. I know a pastor in church. He told us when you’re in the church and you’re asked to give and you don’t have, even if they draw you out to the pulpit to give or pledge and you know you don’t have and you later pledged out of shame or fear that you are committing sin and finally you still didn’t pay the money, that means more sin. God help us.”


Paul Ericonda writes, “my beloved Pastor, this is my first time to listen to your message, though brief, I liked and enjoyed it but I still pay my tithes because I so much believe in and subscribe to it. Both old and new testaments were written by the inspirations of God and they are word of God. My tithe is for God and not man, and nobody compels me to pay. And the ministry I run also pays tithes to another Church. I love you plenty sir and more grace to you sir”





Story by Gbenga Osinaike

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