My vision is to help churches build evangelism culture-Don Ekanem

by Church Times

President of Smaatville Gospel Communication, Evang. Don Ekanem has underscored the need for a revival of the culture of evangelism in churches; while also disclosing that he has a calling in that area.

Ekanem made this known during a chat with Church Times recently.

He said, “In Smaatville Gospel Communication, we assist churches by working with them to train their members and equip them with gospel materials that will help them win souls to God’s kingdom,”

Ekanem observed that “Many churches no longer think of evangelism again. They believe members will come or they just devise some human methods to bring in people. But that is not the way of the Bible. We are supposed to go preach the gospel and bring in people who have been saved. The reason we have a lot of problems in the Church today is that many in the church were not saved before they joined. But the example we see in the Bible is that they were saved before they joined the church.”

He explained that his ministry has the mandate to train and equip church members with the necessary tools that will help them achieve this goal of winning souls.

With about 20 years of experience in winning souls; Ekanem said the need for training Church people can’t be overemphasised.

“We have a lot of experience in the field of evangelism which we will love to share with churches. We will expose them to how they can work with the holy spirit to win souls. They will be inspired at the end of the day to travail in prayer for souls and also preach the gospel with power. We recognise that it is the holy spirit that does his work in the lives of people. But we have also come to understand that people need to be taught the basics of evangelism. There is a wisdom that goes with soul winning. Our goal is to inspire people to do the work of evangelism. “

Christians according to him also need to know how to reach people of other faiths with the gospel. “God has equipped us with materials in that area. We will love to share the materials with churches that are interested,” he said.

He disclosed also that his communication outfit also helps in the area of writing and publishing gospel materials primarily for evangelism and for other ministry-related purposes. “All we want is to ignite the passion for the lost in believers and inspire their hearts to soul winning. We facilitate outreaches to prisons, orphanages, and hospitals for churches. We also organise film shows, crusade, and street evangelism apart from training services we render.”

Evangelist Ekanem could be reached on 08097430072 or 08020741481


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