UK-based Prophetess: What God told me about the nations

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United Kingdom-based Nigerian prophetess, Margaret Mayaki has released what could be termed prophetic and prayer concerns for 2024. Mayaki is the General Overseer, of the Sanctuary for the Broken Hearted International Ministries

 In the release where she chronicled prayer points for about 17 nations, Mayaki said that the prophetic offerings are primarily meant for intercessors who would like to pray for those nations mentioned.

 According to her, prophecies are given in part adding, “Prophecies are for intercessors to work on so that the negative ones will not come to pass.”

Every prophetic word according to her must be “backed up by scriptures.”

Alluding to relevant Bible passages to buttress her position, she said, “The Lord has been gracious to me. For the past 19 years, God has been giving me prophetic words.”

 She said the Year 2024 is:  Our Year of Praise, judgement to some people, and restoration.  She also submitted that God will bring peace to troubled nations if only we can pray.

 Mayaki however emphasises that the individual will do well in 2024 with the weapon of praise. “Whatever it is put praise in your mouth. Begin to worship God. He will open the nations to you.” she stated.

 Find below her prayer and prophetic concerns for the Year 2024

Body of Christ

The Lord said to me that the Body of Christ will witness a fresh outpouring of His spirit. He will pour out a fresh rain of blessings on the believers. There will be revival and reawakening among the youth. Some great generals will be called home in many nations. There will be an exchange of batons. Some leaders will be removed.

The Lord will also commission more people into the prophetic ministry. God will bring judgement on some shepherds that have derailed. There will be exposure of some servants of God. There will be exposure of some fake men and women of God. There will be fresh revival and reformation.

 Some men and women will be elevated in God’s vineyard.  The Lord says this is the time to start preaching and teaching the second coming of Christ.


Prayer concerns for the nations


Puerto Rico

 God is saying pray for the people of Puerto Rico that God will have mercy on the land and remove His anger. Pray that the people will repent and turn to their first love, Jesus. A deadly wind is coming that will seek to destroy property and some people in the land so pray for Puerto Rico


Prayer should be intensified against the extension of the war in Israel. The Lord says some nations will gang up against Israel. This may prolong the war. Intercessors need to pray against the war in Israel turning into a third world war.

 Prayers should also be extended to some countries like Iran, Turkey, countries in the Middle East, and the United Nations. Pray that this war will not claim more lives and property. We need this war to stop.

 The Lord is telling Israel, to tighten your borders and mount heavy surveillance around the clock. Protect your waterways as some humans will be used as shields.

 Some Hamans have determined to see to the destruction of Israel, But the Lord says, “I am the God of Israel and I will defend my land and people says the Lord. According to the word of the Lord in Isaiah 8v9-10 the Lord is saying to Israel, “fear not for I am your shield.”


The Lord says we need to pray against deadly earthquakes in the Land of Turkey and that the nation of Turkey will not align itself with Palestine against Israel.

United Kingdom

Prayers for the UK should be centred on the nation’s economy. The Lord is saying they should tighten their belt against economic meltdown and further currency devaluation. Pray against a crash in the country’s stock exchange.

Prayers should be intensified against the escalation of violence among young people. Pray against the increase in the guns and knife crime in the UK says the Lord. Pray against a fresh outbreak of COVID-19 variant in certain areas that may claim more lives.

 Pray that the anger of God will be reduced due to certain lifestyles that have opened the nation to the anger of God. Pray that UK citizens turn from their wicked ways. Pray against the gang up against the Prime Minister in the inner caucus. Pray against an early general election.

 Pray against the aggressive islamisation of this country. It might not be immediate. But the Lord is saying that is what will happen in the long run if we don’t pray.

 Pray against the closure of some churches as a result of the bad economy; which will in turn be bought by some Muslims. We need to pray for our churches. Pray that the hearts of the people will be softened and they will seek the Lord more.

Pray against some laws that will bring out the anger of the people and might lead to some confrontations with the law enforcement agents says the Lord.

Pray against bad health for his majesty King Charles. Pray against stress-related illness. May God help the king. Pray for peace within the royal household. Pray for peace in the land. Pray against deadly hurricanes and deadly winds (this already came to pass) but we need to pray against future occurrences.

Intercessors need to consistently pray against dark cloud forming. There was a reported case of hurricane and deadly wind that killed a woman recently in the UK.  We need to constantly raise prayers in this direction that lives will not be lost to deadly storms and hurricane. Let us raise our voices agaist flooding particularly that River Thames will not cause havoc by bursting its bank to cause flooding.

United States

Pray for Donald Trump says the Lord against gang-up so he will not be disqualified from running in 2024. God says he has not finished with him yet.

 In the words of Ezekiel 22v30, God is seeking a man who will stand in the gap so that land will not be destroyed. (These are prayer assignments we need to write down and make part of our daily prayer lives in 2024.)

 Pray against external aggression and internal aggression in the US and they will not see further devaluation of their currency.

 Pray against deadly earthquakes in Southern California. Pray against deadly tornado in the US and fire outbreak in some parts of the country.

Pray against storms in Florida and some coastal regions. Pray for peace in the US. Pray for President Biden’s health so it will not go down more.

I see revival in some parts of the US. Pray against fear among some prophets in the US. Pray for confidence and trust again to return to the prophets so they can prophesy again and again. (Many prophets in the US buried their heads like Ostrich when their prophecies that Donald Trump would win did not come to pass.)  

 But God is saying, start again to begin to prophesy. (Sometimes you might get it wrong. But that should not stop you from saying what God tells you.)

Pray for the State of New York and Washington DC against security breaches. Pray for the awakening of the souls of the Youth and their redemption. Pray against backsliding and bind the spirit of wasters in the US. I see some men and women of God being recalled home in 2024.


Pray that the war in Israel will not escalate to Iran as Israel feels that they are the brain behind Hamas terrorists. Pray that the war will not escalate over. Pray against this. I see doors of the gospel being opened in the nation of Iran. God says he will break the stronghold of Islam in that nation.


Pray against serious storms that may destroy property in the Bahamas. Pray that their economy will not go down and also against the devaluation of their currency.


Pray there won’t be another violence in this country. The previous issue they had that led to violence has not been addressed. This may lead to a fresh outbreak of violence. Pray that the government will not be overthrown. Pray against the stronghold of Islam in France.

Prophetess Mayaki


 Pray against the devaluation of their currency. Pray for peace in this country


Pray against sudden attacks by terrorists. Pray against the government being overthrown.  Hotels and terrorist-prone arrears should increase their surveillance to forestall sudden attacks by terrorists. Pray that there will be peace in the land.


Fresh solid minerals will be found in the country. Pray that this will come to pass. Pray for divine wisdom and sensitivity for the leaders of Sierra Leone. Pray for divine counsel and that the government will not be overthrown. Pray for peace, law, and order.


Pray for strength for President Bola Tinubu against sickness that might seek to claim his life in 2024.  Pray for divine wisdom and knowledge for him. Pray against betrayals in his government. Pray against massive destruction in the land and against further devaluation of the naira in 2024.

 Pray against agitation in the land in what is termed oppression. Pray against famine in the land. Pray against the increase of corruption and flood. (Those living in flood-prone areas should note)

Pray against youth agitation in the land. Pray against disruption in the government and military takeover. Pray against severe hunger in the land. Pray against further increase in gas and petrol. Some key figures in the land might be exiting.

 Pray for some big names that they will not die. I hear the sounds and lamentations throughout the land of Nigeria. Let us pray against this. Pray against the outbreak of another variant of COVID-19 causing death in Nigeria.

 In 2024, there will be exposure of some corrupt leaders says the spirit of God. We need to pray against ritual killings, robbery and kidnapping in the nation of Nigeria. The nation of Nigeria needs to go to God for repentance for shedding innocent bloodshed.

Some states will experience agitation from within their various communities. God says Nigeria needs to tighten its borders against invasions of outside enemies into the land of Nigeria.

Pray for the household of the palace of Ooni of Ife. Pray against constant disruption in the palace and some two deadly vipers in the palace. These two deadly vipers want to dethrone and bring sickness upon the Ooni. We need to pray against this.

The Lord is also calling for prayers for the wives of Ooni warning that as long as Prophetess Naomi is not happy in the palace none of the women will have peace. The Lord says my daughter Naomi is not happy as a result none of the wombs of the wives of the Ooni will carry pregnancy. The Lord says he has closed their wombs. If those women will repent and give Naomi peace their wombs will be opened.

 The Lord is saying some kings will be called home. I pray that some of them will give their lives to Christ before they pass on. Pray for the peace of Nigeria. Some churches will come under heavy judgment. Some, sadly, their candlestick will be removed. Some with rotten altars will be exposed. God will judge them.


Pray there will be peace between Russia and Ukraine so that the war will not be prolonged


Pray against war between the US and China. Pray against another deadly virus that will seek to destroy the economy in China

 South Korea and North Korea

Pray for peace in these nations.

Hong Kong

Pray against invasion in the land against external aggressors.

 Islands in the Caribbean

Pray against tsunamis and deadly storms.


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